This week has been full of sensory exploration for our gorgeous little chimps! They’ve been digging in the sand pit for sea shells, exploring new textures whilst getting messy with ice and coloured gloop (Carly and Ambers favourite activity) and they’ve also been making new sounds whilst shaking sensory balloons which were full of all sorts of bits and bobs to make different noises. One of this week’s highlights in the chimps has been singing and dancing in a circle to the ‘Sandy Girls’ song – they’ve had a proper little jiggle to that!

Our lovely Howlers have been playing all sorts of fantastic games this week including the ‘telephone game’ where they have been learning how to answer the phone and ask people how they are today! So if they start answering your phone at home this will be why! They’ve also been little chefs this week, making some healthy pumpkin pasties for you all to enjoy – they were delicious and the children loved getting stuck in with the baking. We had a room full of footprint painting going on and the children loved stepping in the paint and using their footprint to make their very own footprint turkey with feathers on the top! A brilliant idea from our lovely Howler team – well done!

The Baboons have been really enjoying the garden running relay races moving the leaves this way and that and making the most of the fine weather (even if a little chilly!) Ebone has had her Ipad out and the children have been watching diving videos as inspiration for their role play in their very own sea life centre (Nemo has been a favourite!). They’ve also talked a lot
What a week it has been for the Baboons! They have just loved cooking this week making delicious cornbread which went down a about Thanksgiving this week and it’s been a cutting and sticking frenzy whilst our Baboons have made their own cornucopias to mark the occasion. Phew!

Our big Gorillas have had a very busy week thanks to Christina, Demi and Sean. They’ve been learning about independence – putting on their own coats and getting themselves ready to go out into the garden – it’s been a triumph – well done! We really hope that some of this makes life easier for you at home! The Gorillas have just loved exploring ‘rhyme’ this week, hunting for words and objects that rhyme and matching them together – it’s opened up a whole new world of language for them! Aside from all the number exploration (using calculators and phones) there has also been a safari theme for the Gorillas this week. They’ve been really enjoying the animal books, making their very own Safari scene with paints and paper mache and using the play dough to add their own miniature safari truck for the little Safari people. A great week for the Gorillas!

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