Well we have had a scorcher of a week and the children have coped well. We have decked out the rooms with fans where needed and made sure the children have had fun whilst being protected from the sun. We have pushed water like there is no tomorrow, put that shade sail up and slapped on the sun cream. We even bought the children ice lollies when it got really hot…..

Heading to School Role Play

With a little help from their slightly younger friends, the School leaving Gorillas have been taking part in some fantastic school role play this week. The children have had dressed up in uniforms and played Teachers and pupils with blackboards, registers, workbooks, desks and much much more. There have been some lovely group activities where the children have described the pictures from their books and at group time discussed their differences and what they like about each other. Out in the sunny garden the Preschoolers have loved practicing their throwing and catching skills with both small group and whole group games and back in the room they have successfully mastered the ‘o’ phonic and using syringes to squirt coloured paint all over large pieces of paper.

Free style Drawing to Music

The Baboons have filled the nursery with the amazing aroma of home baked pizzas each day this week! The talented two’s have mixed and rolled their own dough and helped every step of the way to create their very own group pizzas which they’ve thoroughly enjoyed for afternoon snacks. The role play area has been transformed into a fully functioning fruit and veg shop with real fresh produce, tills and money and menus and the children have engrossed themselves in some wonderful role play. For music and movement the Baboons have chosen coloured pens and creatively drawn free style to all sorts of types of music, matching their lines to the rhythm. Around the room they’ve also practiced their cutting skills making collages, built fantastic models out of lego and continues their astounding progress with their phonics songs and actions with the letter ‘b’.

Colourful Hand Printing

You can always tell how much fun the Howlers are having by the state of their room and the little monkeys have managed to transport rice into every inch of the room this week. Around the circle table the children have absolutely loved dipping their hands into all sorts of coloured paint and creating their own handprints and have also been using spray bottles to squirt paint onto a giant board in the garden! The whole of the mark making table was covered in paper and they have loved used their different chalks to cover it and themselves in chalk. As well as all of that lovely room based activities, the Howlers have taken their workshop tools into the garden for outside building and climbing on the new wooden boat platform.

Baby Ribbon Dancing

The Chimps have loved all of the fresh air and sun this week and have spent lots of time exploring in the garden! In their lovely room, the littlest ones have been busy rolling balls and finding ones Carly and Julie have hidden. There’s also been lots of actions songs and ribbon dancing and twirling during music and movement time. Around the main table the children have been using straws to create some colourful paintings and also cooking some delicious healthy pepper boats to take home. As if all of that wasn’t enough, the Chimps have also been playing with their pull long string toys and reading their new soft story books.

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