Creating a good rapport with our families is one of the most crucial things we do as parent partnerships contribute to positive outcomes for Young Friends children. The following are some testimonials of families’ experiences at Young Friends:

‘From Bollywood dancing to allotment veg growing Young Friends are always looking for new, fun ways to educate and entertain the children. The nursery is worlds apart from other nurseries in Brighton and Hove’. GOOD LUCK FOR THE MARATHON!!!!!! xxx Carly Murphy-Merrydew. April 2016.

‘Our daughter has been happy at YF since she was 1! we feel she has had a great balance of hands on fun activities, practical life skills and genuine friendly care. It feels she has gain a great deal of social and academic skills. it feels she will be very confident in her first year at school.  The garden is fab with different areas .. climbing structure, pet rabbit, load of toys, veg patch and messy corners, trees…Zennor has made friendships with children and adults. YF is a vibrant and caring place. The nursery is Always busing to improve every part of the nursery. Pushing that little bit further. Investing that little bit more. Thrive and vibrant are is key words at YF! There is always something new an extension, a dance studio, new gate, new storage, new equipment, an allotment…no expenses seem to be spared. Louise and her staff are passioniate and it shows! The food and snack provided are a healthy god sends. Knowing that our child is eating a wide range of food at the table with her peers is a bonus.meal times are an opportunity to learn  table manners and chat with friends. Communication is plentiful! Thank you for those great years at YF!’ Gwenn parker TREGOAT. April 2016.

‘I was very nervous about choosing a nursery for my then 10 month old son but have absolutely no doubts that I made a great choice with young friends nursery. He’s always really keen to go in when we get there in the morning and sometimes not even bothered about leaving at home time he’s having so much fun! His confidence has grown tremendously and he had learnt so much, particularly routine, and a number of makaton signs and it’s so lovely to be able to communicate with him. Thanks young friends for all being so caring and loving towards him. Hannah (and Caspar) West’. April 2016.

‘Our daughter hasn’t been there long at Young Friends, but we love it. The staff are so friendly, caring and welcoming. They always spend time with you at the end of the day, chatting to you about your child’s day and what activities they have done, their mood, food, health and general happiness. They have a genuine interest in your child and their development, likes and dislikes. There are numerous photos, a weekly blog and regular emails, so you can see what’s happening within the nursery. It’s all so personalised and great because it gives you ideas, and you can replicate similar activities at home.  Plus I can keep all the grandparents updated too. They love it!  My daughter brings home artwork and the other day a lovely cheese and broccoli tart, she made it was delicious. I would highly recommend Young Friends to any prospective parents, you won’t get a more personalised and structured approach. We think it’s wonderful’. Laura and Rob Hill. April 2016.

‘I travel across the length of the city every morning to leave my son with the young friends staff and family. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is the best and most nurturing care I have found in brighton and hove. The staff listen closely and treat each child as an individual, also the way the nursery take interest in their staffs’ growth and development make me feel reassured that their ethos isn’t big business but actual dedication to early years care and learning.  My son cries when it’s home time (not that he doesn’t like his home too!) and doesn’t want to leave!’ Lucy Yallop. March 2016.

‘Both our children have had the pleasure of spending their formative years at Young Friends, from their very first day we feel they have been cared for, looked after and loved by the caring and professional staff. The boys have both hugely benefitted from the experience in an ever evolving environment, which always caters for their development and growth. Our youngest has had a difficult start to life, suffering with physical and learning difficulties, but has benefitted hugely from the focus and attention from all the staff at YF, they have played a significant part in helping him be the boy he has become and we are very thankful for their level of support. We feel fortunate to have ‘stumbled’ across Young Friends 5 years ago and have never looked back.  Thank you to you all. Cheers’. Becci and Mark Edmondson. March 2016.

‘I hope you are all well.  Thank you for talking things over with me earlier. Milly loves it at your nursery and gets so much out of it. The garden is looking so good, I wish I could stay and play some days! I hope the new rabbit settling in well’. April 2016.

‘Hi, Its Phil, Isabella’s dad. What can I say, I’m happy to leave my darling 3 yr old Isabella with u at all times and know she will be looked after and entertained probably much better than I ever could. That comment is for any of the girls that have ever looked after her which I think is most if not all of them. She’ll be with u till a yr september which I am very happy with and ‘Im sure if Isabella could articulate it she would say the same. Thx 4 all, Phil’. May 2016.

‘The best thing about Young Friends Nursery is how confident all the staff make you feel about your child being there. Our daughter was a shy little 9 month old when she first went and we felt very apprehensive. Now she is a confident preschooler who loves going to nursery. At home she talks about her phonics all the time and even corrects us! We love the fact that there is a fab outdoor space for her to explore in, get fresh air and to be with her friends. There is always something new and exciting for her to try or see and we feel she is developing amazingly. When you go into the nursery you immediately feel welcomed and we can’t thank the staff enough for what they do for out little girl enough, it is a professional yet personal place to be for any family to go to’. Thank you Young Friends X

‘Dear Young Friends team. I have to say all your staff at great but I just want to acknowledge that I was very impressed with Neel and how he made Bonnie feel so calm and welcome the other morning. Very happy he’s joined your team. Have a good weekend!’ Sofie (Bonnie’s mum) May 2016.