Things People Do Week. Week beginning 13th June 2016…

The Gibbons have been singing along to the Tiny Caterpillar song bag – inside are little props for the children to pull out and cling to proudly throughout the song. At group time they have been looking at pictures of emotions and the children copied the adults pulling happy, sad and surprised faces whilst the team talked about what made them feel the different ways. Lentils and rice have flooded the water and sand in the messy tray this week for the children to explore, some added the lentils to their creative activity and made mini sensory boards for everyone to feel. The Gibbons have had a skyscraper dolls house in the white room to play with and they have been opening and closing doors, moving furniture around and generally exploring some different layouts. Wellies, jumpers, hats and bags have been put on and taken off – over and over and the Gibbons have had their very own wardrobe to explore with many other varied items to try and put on themselves – naturally we saw some rather inventive outfits – there were two left foot wellies with sunglasses and knitted beanie hats. Style.
The Baboons have been threading, marching and dancing their way through the week. Pasta has been painted all kinds of glorious colours for the children to thread ribbon through to create their very own limited edition necklaces. Babies have been out in the role play area, wrapped up in warm blankets and taken to sit on the potty. Those busy little parents have have also been taking the babies shopping, filling up shopping baskets up with food and telling their little ones to behave – life of a busy working parent eh? For music and movement the children have been playing parachute games, giggling away whilst running underneath whilst the staff hold the parachute high then low then to the side… They have also been marching around the room with instruments and singing along to nursery rhymes.
The Gorillas have been talking about professions and jobs at group time, some children were even talking about what jobs their parents do – some even got it right! We have had visits from a fitness instructor, dentist, surgeon and a teacher for “What people do week”. Thank you so so much to all you amazing parents who gave up your time, the children learnt so much and had a ball. The Reggio Emilia table was a wealth of exploratory wonderment as usual – this week it saw coloured water in jars and bowls to mix with spoons and pipets for children to observe and explore how colours change. In the outside classroom  the children have been practising writing their names in the cards had made using their hand prints and foot prints for their daddies on Sunday. Laptops, microphones, telephones and stereos have been tinkered with, opening up lids, taking off the backs and exploring what all those buttons do.
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