Week Beginning 9th October 2017

Published on: October 18, 2017
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 Under the sea…

 Scuba-diving to bottom of the ocean floor in the under the sea Small World theme this week. Discovering sea creatures and touching different textures and using cotton wall balls dipped in ocean blue paint to design their set of the sea. Although theses t5reats weren’t eating, the Gibbons loved making salt dough bakery bites for their role play in the kitchen. Smelling the pretend smells of freshly cooked bread and cutting it up in the kitchen to make their freshly made sandwiches the Gibbons worked up an appetite with those glorious smalls. Spanners, saws and screws (all toys of course) were used to construct some brilliant building and towers from cardboard boxes in their building site role play. As we are getting closer to the spookiness of Halloween, the Gibbons had scary and spooky balloons with different images associated with Halloween in their music and movement time. They boogied and bounced the balls along the scary music and great time.

 A pirate’s life for me…

 Looking through their homemade telescopes to spot other pirates in the distance and to look for treasure, the Baboons couldn’t enough of their pirate ship they built in the garden from tyres and wooden planks. I wonder which Baboon waked the plank… Up At the allotment, the Baboons pulled out some beetroot and brought it back for Gillian and Kelly to use in the kitchen for their lunch and it was delicious! Following the instruction from the lovely Jennifer, the boons did some weeding and explored the grounds to find some insects for their bug hotel. Practising their recognition of letters, the sandbox was filled with various letters on toilets rolls used to scoop up the sand and spell out their names. Saying the letters as they scoop, the Baboons could point out most of the letters. As you know at Young Friends we don’t like to do things the normal way, and this week the Baboons made DIY paintbrushes. Using pegs to clip various materials like sponges, leaves, and cut up pieces of paper, they painted with their new paintbrushes and saw the different effects they could make with them. Check out their masterpieces hanging around the Baboons conservatory!

 A bag of potatoes and some broccoli please sir…

Taking it turns to be the shop keeper of a very lovely vegetable shop, the Gorillas used pretend money to role play selling vegetables to the customers. Weighing and selling lettuces, cucumbers and potatoes and other various veggies that they collected from the allotment, the Gorillas then used the products they brought in the kitchen making tasty soups and dinners for all. Learning the difference between 2D and 3D shapes, the children drew the various shapes and described them to each other and the staff. Cleverly noticing the amount of faces on each side, the children worked out the flat larger areas to build other shapes onto to construct towers. After collecting different shaped stones over the week on their natures walks around Preston Park and Hove Park, the Gorillas brought them back to for the Reggio Table to use for balancing upon each other and creating patterns with them. As you know we had our Inset day on Thursday where we completely renovated and replenished the garden and brought it back to life! All the areas have some fantastic additional resources built by us truly, and the Gorillas faces really showed how impressed they were when they went outside for garden play. The new and improved maths patch along with the cool new natural music and sensory boards kept the Gorillas from wanting to come back inside! We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and how delighted they were!

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