Week beginning 8th May 2017…

Can you stretch tall like a giraffe…?

The Gibbons whipped out some great animal poses in their yoga sessions from standing on their tip-toes stretching tall like a giraffe, to being on their hands and knees wiggling their foot behind like a tail on a dog. Jodie has been very busy designing and creating objects for our new Black and White area in the Gibbon room. From black and white illusion cans and pictures to black spiders among white cotton wool walls. Jodie has intervened sensory object into this colour theme area too with black and white beans and CDs wrapped in different texture materials. Brown paper bags decorated to their hearts content, the Gibbons played with sequins, paint and glitter to artistically beautify their bags. Digging around in the soil and what did we find? Spaghetti worms hidden in the dirt. Spoons, buckets and other digging tools used to search for the ‘wriggling worms’ and count how many they could find! But on a more yummier level, pizza bagels were made, with the Gibbons spreading the tomato puree and chopping colourful peppers and lots of mushrooms and finally covering with cheese. These tasty treats were wrapped to take home; however, I can imagine these sweet snacks were eaten instantly.

Ahoy captain Baboons…

In a boat role play in the garden, the Baboons steered their ‘ship’ using the big wooden reel to save their friends from the sharks in the sea. Using ribbon as fishing rods, the Baboons also managed to catch lots of yummy fishes to take back to nursery to give their other friends. From sailing their ship to different parts of the world, the Baboons talked about different countries and made different flags decorating and attaching them to straws to wave around. Lots of different sized sticks were collects amongst the Baboons, and they used them in Reggio Emilia to make a special wind chimes. Purple, green, yellow and orange wonderful wind chimes are now hanging around our nursery. Learning to recognise her names from ink pads and finding matching letters to their own names, the children are proving to be the clever Baboons we always know they are.

There were 10 green bottles sitting on wall…

Claire, Louise’s sister and a reception teacher, has been visiting the preschool and doing some activities alongside Neel with the pre-schoolers – doing various fun activities to broaden their learning and getting them school ready. They have been doing all sorts of games, learning and practising their counting and ordering of numbers through fun songs like ten green bottles but changing it to be 10 clever Gorillas. Thank you Claire! It’s always great to get parent help and if they have skills to enhance the children’s lives we always appreciate it.  Aswell as counting, the Gorillas have been matching numbers using magnetic numbers and practising the sound of the letter ‘G’. Using the sounds of their names, the children marked lines in flour to create patterns. The Gorillas room turned into a bakery and restaurant this week in role play of cutting fruit and vegetables to make a fruit cake and vegetable pasta. We have some chefs in the making here at Young Friends. Busy bees are a very popular ICT game amongst the children which integrates maths and learning in a fun games method, and the Gorillas have been using it more than ever this week as well other ICT education games improving their maths and memory. Acting out Goldilocks and other various children’s stories, the Gorillas out on their own puppet shows for the adults and other children. Charging money for tickets in role play of pretend theatres the Gorillas lined up their audience for their anticipated puppet show, the children loved and laughed performing. Nature kids have been up at the allotment a lot this week, and doing some of their own role play up there. Using the platform that is being built up there, the children played pirate ships and used their spades to dig holes in search for that secret treasure. A mud kitchen was made by adding lots of water and mixing with the soil and mud, we even have mud pies for snack. There was not only pirates up at the allotment but also doctors running around collecting sticks for their medical instruments as part of their role play. Played doctors u there using different sticks and tools as part of their role play. As well as all this fun, the Nature kids also helped to spread mulch in preparation for our own good soil to be up there. To finish the fantastic trips up there, the children and staff used the long paths of grass to practise their running and have some healthy competition in races.

We have another super kind mum coming in to enhance those lucky Gorillas lives soon – Melanie, Abagayle s mum, is coming in to give the whole team a full phonics session during our staff training/inset day. We really are lucky and feel very grateful to have such generous families among us. We can’t wait to welcome you next Wed Melanie.

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