Week Beginning 31st July 2017…

Published on: August 5, 2017
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Come and see our puppet show…

The Gibbons joined in on a puppet show using stick puppets to show the story of the 5 little monkeys. They sang the song and held the monkeys to show them jumping on the bed and falling off. The older Gibbons showed the younger Gibbons and put on monkey masterpiece show! The Gibbons played families in the doll’s house this week, and added cars and pets to their family life. Adding some music to their week, the Gibbons combined ribbons and drums and created a wonderful but noisy show. In between the outbursts of changing weather conditions this week, when it was raining and the sun came out instead, the Gibbons did some ball roll painting in the garden on giant pieces of paper and giant trays filled paint. Using the balls to spread the paint the Gibbons laughed as more paint went themselves and over the garden then the paper. And finally, the Gibbon room looked a magpie heaven when the Reggio Emilia table had collected all things shiny. There were spoons, necklaces, shiny bowls, bracelets etc. The Gibbons banged and scraped the items together to create different sounds.

Can you wiggle like a jellyfish?

Carefully cutting legs from tissue paper and sticking them and googly eyes to make their jelly fish, the Baboons counted how many legs each Jellyfish had and wiggled them around in the air and on the floor. The Baboons spoke about if they would like to be jelly fish in the sea wiggling their long legs arounds and they acted out the action. Squishing and cutting the playdough and wedging herbs into it to make herby pretend bread, the Baboons enjoyed getting creative and role playing in their bakery for the week. Not only were they bakers, but also jewellery makers, crafting stones and pasta shells with holes in and threading elastic and string to make pretty necklaces. The Baboons gathered together in the music and movement room to practise some musical beats with various instruments. Copying the music and mirroring the beats to the music, the Baboons practised playing fast and then going slower and seeing who had the most rhythm (the children were much better than the adults).

Gorillas to graceful ballet dancers…

The Gorillas learnt some new ballet moves including pointing their toes, walking on tiptoes and balancing on one legs! They practised skipping, galloping and moving gracefully like beautiful ballerinas. Some of you may have noticed our new projector we have in the Gorilla room and this week the children have been doing Numicon on the projector and focusing on adding, subtracting and dividing. We can tell already that we are going to see some mathematical geniuses from Young Friends. In a world of giant metal boxes, the Small world theme for the Gorillas was the ‘Big City and Cars’.  Playing With the various cars and drawing maps to different destinations all over the world. Yummy sand pies were on the menu at the allotment, when the Nature Kids were mixing together the sand and water adding the herbs from the growing patches. They even used some of the onions that have been growing up there to add some yummy flavour to the pies. They learnt about the differences between a wasp and bee as they have spotted lots around during the recent weeks in this lovely hot weather we have been having.

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