Scooter Safety Week! Week Beginning 16th October 2016

Published on: October 20, 2017
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Watch out for the Quicksand…

Cornflour, sand and water were mixed together to make scary, sinking sand in the Gibbon room and they dropped and dunked objects in watching them disappear in the quicksand. Fishing around in the sloppy texture to find their objects they dropped in and covering themselves in the thick gooey sand. Cleaning themselves up, the Gibbons followed directions going up, going down, twirling, spinning and waving their ribbons in the air, dancing along to the music. The Gibbons never stay tidy for long, and next they were balloon painting. Filling up their balloons with water and painting the outside of the balloon in paint. They watched as then bounced and bobbled the balloons along the paper creating various colourful patterns. As you know we love to recycle, and the Gibbons were stuck in and recycling at the Reggio Table, sorting paper from tins and jars and putting them in order ready to be reused again…Go Green Gibbons!

Ssssh the bugs are sleeping…

Making a small house out of the new building blocks in the garden, the baboons filled the middle with things they thought bugs would like. They found logs, and small twigs and collected lots of mud and leaves and made a giant bed in the middle of the house for the bugs to come and sleep in. They peered through the holes in the blocks to see if they could spot any new bugs coming to visit their new home. The praise balls weren’t only used to showing how good the Baboons have been this week, they also were used to dip into paint and roll across the table to our friends creating lines and patterns across the table in lots of wonderful bright colours. Colouring leaves, finding bits of material, the Baboons made Autumn decorates to hang and stick on the conservatory window giving their room a real Autumnal feel. In the music and movement room, the Baboons were throwing a animal dice seeing which side their turn landed on. Each side had a different animals face on and they had to move and act like the animal they landed on. Some were roaring lions, some were quiet and small like a mouse but they all knew exactly like to act like monkeys, those cheeky Baboons!

 Safety Scooter Week…

Thank you to all our Gorillas for bringing their scooters in this week for Scooter Safety Week! The Gorillas learned about cars, traffic lights and the stopping at the curb of paths. Using their knowledge of safety on their scooters they  scootered to the ark and to Palmeira Square putting their knowledge to the test! They practised going slow when needed and realising when it was safe to go a bit faster when they got the parks. At nursery on the driveway we also practiced with our very own pretend zebra crossing and cones, weaving in and out and stopping to look both ways at the zebra crossing. Back at nursery our sophisticated Gorillas were cooking Tiramisu. They replaced the coffee with pineapple juice and strawberries and enjoyed the refreshing tastes from their afternoon treat. Kaila came to visit the Gorillas this week to talk about ‘stranger danger’. Kaila explained how she lost her mummy in the shopping centre last weekend and a man approached her and told her to come with him with a lollipop. As yummy as the lollipop sounded, the children spoke about how they Kaila shouldn’t go with the man and what they would do if this happened to them. Finished the week of with some fun ICT games on Busy Bee Things. Listening to the stories on there and counting using the software to help them with their maths skills.

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