Week beginning 16th Jan 2017

Your gorgeous  Gibbons have been using different materials this week to create artistic designs from little ladybirds to black, white and red Aztec colleges. Sticking pictures and materials to make the colours proved an excellent way for them to learn their colours. Following in the feeling different materials theme, our little gibbons filled beans bags with rice krispies and paint and felt the different textures with their feet. Gibbons musical movement this week involved dancing with ribbons to create shapes, although a favourite amongst them was to scrunch the ribbons with their hands.  Our little chefs this week, in great bake off style, baked some cinnamon and raison bread this week mixing the ingredients with a spoon and kneading the bread before cooking for a lovely treat in the afternoon.

Simon says touch your toes Baboons! A fun way for the Baboons to identify body parts whilst laughing doing silly actions. This week, our baboons have been listening to the tiger came to tea, following pictures printed by Alex of the story. In our writing area, this week the baboons have drawing shapes with paint on the black boards and mirrors. A big hit this week was messy gloop time! The children were encouraged to create messy gloop by mixing corn flour and water and then added different objects such as wood and shells. Hands were covered as you can imagine and the children enjoyed watching it turn from liquid to solids

1, 2, 3, 4! Maths time in the Gorilla room this week, as they learnt how to make 10 by adding and subtracting and matching their numbers with the adult’s numbers. Gorillas were transported into the world of Safari Deserts this week, by arranging various safari animals and using 3D shapes to make pyramids and houses for the animals. Water play using pipes this week in our Gorillas room involved pouring water in bowls and using the pipes to suck the water up. In our allotment, this week the gorillas helped the adults pick up the wood chip and collect it. The children spoke about growing flowers and by the end of the session the path was lovely and covered in wood chip

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