During the past week the children have been really enjoying themselves on our new ‘open ended resources’ in the garden. They are crates, planks of wood and tyres which the children can build forts with and create their own obstacle courses with. Very exciting!

The Gorillas this week have been creating fabulous glitter glue paintings…hopefully not too much glitter has been coming home! The Circus tent within the role play area has been a huge hit and a real icebreaker for our new Gorilla arrivals from the Baboons. The budding musicians within the group have really got stuck into our new musical instrument focus table; many sounds can be heard coming from the Gorillas throughout the nursery…we are looking forward to hearing the next Mozart. We’ll keep you posted!

The Baboons have been learning about different job roles that grownups have. They have especially enjoyed trying to guess what people do from looking at pictures of men and women in uniforms. Linking to this the Baboons took an adventure to the local post office, where they posted some letters and collected documents to write on for their own post office in their class room. The children have also been honing their cutting skills by cutting pictures out of catalogues and old books to make collages with.

In the Howler room they have been getting mucky by exploring lots of different textures and mark making in a very unusual way…they have been painting with brooms, which as you can imagine is huge amount of fun! They have also been squidging and squelching their fingers through cooked pasta, rice and washing up liquid. Very messy indeed! When not getting messy they have been taking a break by dressing up in varying dressing up clothes and playing with the car town.

The Chimps have been very lucky this week in that the Howlers shared their messy pasta, rice and washing up liquid play with them, which proved a big hit. Heuristic play has also been a focus this week, where the children are encouraged to explore varying items such as long tubes, wooden spoons, bath scrunchies and chains. The differing shapes, textures and weights of items are fun to explore.

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