Farmhouse, food wheels, and some unhappy crocodiles. Week Beginning 10th Jan 2016…

The newly named ‘White Room’ floor has looked rather convincingly like the Gibbons have taken a hayride as they explored their small world farm complete with straw and sawdust for that extra sensory element. To support their animal knowledge, they focused on Makaton signs for farm animals like cow and pig.  In the Green Room, the Gibbons made their own sticky sheep with cotton wool and glue on plates. They have also been practicing their balancing skills as they walked along cushions and copied each other’s movements. Some of our older Gibbons are getting ready for the big transition to Baboons and they’ve been impressing the adults with their number skills, counting the sorting bears and even arranging them by their various sizes. For their music and movement activity, they’ve been exploring various large movements with an enthusiastic ribbon dancing session. Even the adults have tired themselves out with up, down, shake it all around.

As you may have noticed the Baboon boards are having a refreshing shuffle-around. This week it’s been largely about their new healthy eating board. To complement and celebrate its subject the children have enjoyed a variety of food-based activities. For their display food wheel, the children organized photographs of food into their food groups and talked about why it’s good to have a balanced diet. The Baboons have been talking about colours, textures, and sizes as they enjoyed fruit tasting. They get more and more lemon lovers every time they do this activity.  Their story focus was all about how food supports our growth and health and discussion ranged from teeth and bones to their favourite nursery foods and meals. It’s not all been food, food, food, though as the Baboons have been enjoying their new costume rack as they tried on various outfits in their fancy dress shop. Of course, they paid for everything before leaving the store.

This week the Gorillas have been taking care of their babies in their role play baby clinic. They’ve been checking temperatures, changing nappies, dressing and undressing and ensuring they get those all-important check-ups completed. In the group time area, our proud older siblings talked about the babies they have at home and the ones they have in nursery. A couple of Gibbons even ventured upstairs to lend their big brothers and sisters a hand in talking about what babies need. For show and tell, one of the Gorillas even shared a baby scan of his sibling which led to talk of how they grow and develop in mummy’s tummies. At the creative table, they have been creating their own train tracks using a variety of colours and materials. Talk turned to colour mixing and the Gorillas tried to determine just how much of each colour was needed to make the perfect hue or shade. For their music and movement activity, the Gorillas created a dinosaur dance using a variety of instruments. When each child’s instrument was called out, the Gorillas guessed what dinosaur the sound belonged to. Their phonics activity this week was “Cross the River” as they had to match phonics to their sound while avoiding the unhappy crocodile. No pressure there, Gorillas.

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