‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ – Week Beginning 14th August 2017

Published on: September 1, 2017
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Over the rainbow…

The Gibbons travelled over the rainbow to the find the Reggio Emilia table transformed into a mix of rainbow colours and textures. Yellows, Greens, reds and blues and many other coloured beans and string for the Gibbons to explore messing with. The squeezy bottles are always a hit in the Gibbon room, and they spread and mixed the various colours together and squeezing out the multicolour bottles onto the paper investigating different sounds the bottle made and mark-making. Not only did the Gibbons do ordinary painting they also painted stones in the different bright summary colours to mirror their rainbow themed week and paced around the room and garden bringing colours to all corners of the rooms.

Roaring Baboons…

The Baboons had an animal themed week this week starting with their dinosaur themed Small World. Roaring and munching on the fake grass, the Baboons role played with the dinosaurs, building them their houses made from different objects. Lining up the large dinosaurs in order, comparing them in size to the smaller dinosaurs the Baboons enjoyed escaping to the dino land. There were some Safari Yoga sessions going on in the music and movement room with the Baboons imitating different animals in Yoga style positions. Stretching as tall as a giraffe to crawling on all fours holding one leg in the air like a lion’s tails, the Baboons had a wonderful time rein acting their favourite Safari animal. Jodie’s brilliant shadow puppet show saw Sam the Squirrel go on another adventure to collect nuts from around the world. The Baboons laughed and engaged as they watched the play show Sam travelling all around the world saying hello to his friends in different languages. Rounding off the week with their very own handmade spray-painting bottles, having a paint party. The Baboons filled up empty cleaning spray bottles with different coloured paint and sprayed on the walls in the gardens, on giant piece of papers and on of course on themselves and each other.

Butterfly Ballet…

Floating and fluttering around the room, the Gorilla’s acted out the life cycle of a butterfly through ballet. Standing on their tiptoes, dancing their way around the room flapping their arms in the arm like big beautiful wings. During group time, the children continued to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and where butterflies come from. Since spotting a lot of butterflies up at the allotment, the Nature Kids have gone on butterfly hunts to find more of them so they can draw them and their habitats. Using multi-coloured tissue paper and assorted colour pens, the Gorillas have been designing their own colourful butterflies to put around the nursery on display. With the preschoolers leaving for school for September, the Gorillas have been doing some amazing phonic sessions sounding out the letters ‘s’ and ‘t’. Clapping out the words that begin with s and t. With our phonic superstars and star of the days, all our Gorillas have had a fantastic week even when they made a bean and onion soup when role-playing chefs and made the adults smell…and it didn’t smell great!

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