Our little Chimps have been having a great time singing ‘If You are Happy and you know it’ and nodding, waving and clapping – clever things. They have been making and playing with colourful sock puppets too. Carly made some new sensory bottles at home (well done Carly) and they have been holding them up to the light and pushing their little faces against them to see the different effects. They have been having lots of fun with a carpet full of instrument and giggling away as they drop their balls down the helter-skelter frog.

Our lovely Howlers have been investigating stones and shells and other natural objects this week. They have been talking about them and matching them with pictures in books. They have done some great paintings with their wellington boots and been swishing and squidging shaving foam about on the big table in their room. They have been building lots of tall towers with foam blocks and roll playing away with the babies and paraphernalia they come with. They did some lovely autumn leaf rubbings and have been pushing buttons and pretending to talk on the phone. They also put some music on and danced around whilst the team blew lots of bubbles all around them.

The Baboons this week have been doing more assault courses in our very leaf-covered garden. They have been learning all about buses and looking at lots of pictures of them (some of the boys in the Baboons just love buses!). They made some very cool sandy mousse which they loved exploring with. They played with all of our dinosaurs very noisily indeed and read ‘The Gruffalo’. They did some ‘pasta sorting’ – not quite an Olympic sport but they were very good at it and they did a colour and number hunt around the room. They carried on with their role play post office too which they have been really enjoying.

Our Baboons have been talking at group time about things that people do that make them happy and sad. They have been learning basic words in different languages and they have been putting little pegs into sponges (strange but true). They have been threading some lovely necklaces with beads and wearing them with pride. They have been doing some careful shape printing and matching different shaped blocks to pictures of the same shapes on pieces of card – clever them. They have been using the computer and practicing moving the mouse to move the cursor playing different games and they have been doing lots of action songs. They played with the playdough they made too and practiced shapes even more with different shaped cutters.
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