Our little Gibbons have been making a right old noisy racket in the Green Room… they have had the giant round drum out along with shakers, xylophones and scrapers. They giggled and shrieked with excitement as they bobbed up and down along in time to the drums. They all had a feel for sounds this week after they turned the sand kitchen into rock concert – using the wooden spoons and potato mashers your cheeky Gibbons bashed away on our kitchen bowls and oven trays. At the snack table, however, there was no sound apart from ‘more’ as the children feasted on a variety of fruit to taste they had blueberries, mango, passion fruit, water melon and pineapple. There was a game of hide and seek in the gardeners tray, the Gibbons were pointing and hunting out pictures of vegetables under soil with mini spades and rakes. Fruity.

Outside in the garden the Baboons had a very wet and watery experience when the garden water tray was over filled, so they helped empty it by filling up watering cans and tipping it into our wild flower bed and herb pyramid. They then transported it to other areas of the garden making giant puddles for them all to splash into. They all got very excited when they met a green bug eyed frog who had come to visit our garden. Our Baboons practised they’re listening skills as they played ‘guess the instrument’ the children sat in front of a piece of material hiding a variety of instruments for each child to play whilst the others guessed. They all were very good especially at guessing the accordion. Well done Baboons! A car game is what the Baboons wanted, so together they made some rules. When the staff shouted out fast car, slow car and stop the Baboons followed their instruction often jumping on the floor when one cheeky Baboon shouted crash.

It’s been another wonderful week at our allotment, a group of Gorillas brought back some impressive courgettes to add to our yummy chicken casserole on Thursday. They also picked blackberries and plums and looked at all the pumpkins around the allotment growing ready for halloween – ours aren’t doing that great as yet but hopefully there is still time for that. They took back a variety of herbs such as lavender, fennel and rosemary to add to their Reggio table where the children created smelly potions in a variety of tubes, bowls and jars. The Gorillas have been painting themselves on cut out people ready to be added to their new ‘diversity’ board. They even painted a giant world and next week they will be bringing it to life by painting the land and adding flags to the countries and languages they speak. Yoga saw another brilliant Tatty Bumpkin session where the children did the poses of flying owls, trees and more – they are so good at copying the moves, they just love their yoga.

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