There’s been lots going on at Young Friends this week. The children have had their usual amounts of fantastic creative activities, fun garden games, amazing group times and much much more. Here’s a run down of the weeks events…

Eco Friendly Children

The Gorillas have continued their absolutely amazing bakery this week and have loved every minute. The clever children have stepped up their bakery work over the week by creating their own salt dough pastries, cooking them and painting them so they’re ready to sell in the shop. Their new shop section of the bakery had new tills and money and the clever Preschoolers set prices and counted out the money together. To complete the system, the water tray was filled with bubbles where they washed up all their bits and bobs from cooking and played with the bubbles. For group time the children have been talking about how they can help the environment and all of the things that they can do each day by remembering all of the things on their special eco posters. They also had some wonderful singsong time where Christina played the guitar and the children learnt some new songs and also chose some of their favourites. As well as that there was also giant chalk drawings and super fun junk modelling on the creative table.

Bead Threading

The Baboons have been absolutely loving their phonics songs recently and have now mastered so many of them, singing all of the words to the songs and practicing their actions. The phonic this week was ‘g’ and they’ve had lots of fun learning it. Around the main activity table the Baboons have been doing bubble wrap printing using all sorts of colours and techniques to create some funky artwork. They also used the table to practice threading beads by making some lovely necklaces to wear. In the mark making area they used trays on sand to make some special finger drawings and Another amazing thing the children did this week was at music and movement time when they played a shoe shuffling game by finding each others shoes, matching and swapping to make pairs.

Sensory Exploration Boxes

The Howlers have been busy with lots of fun creative activities this week. They’ve been gluing, painting, sticking and glittering to make some beautiful picture s to give to their special families. They’ve also gathered around the table to take part in a lovely cooking activity where they mixed porridge together, adding fruit and milk and had a tasting session together. Around the room there has been mirrors and shiny objects for the little ones to explore and the sensory box full of different types of coloured and textured materials. In the sand tray the children have been searching for buried treasure and in the garden they have been hunting for the hidden mirrors in the bushes and trees.


The Chimps have been exploring colours this week with see through coloured plastic and playing peek-a-boo through the different colours. They’ve had their usual amounts of messy and creative play too with balls in the sand tray, big sponge painting and some lovely collages of shiny and sparkly fish. At group time the Chimps have sung Old Macdonald and matched the animals to the song words by moving them around their magnetic boards. The lucky babies have also had new mirrors put in their room and have been playing with bobbins and all sorts of spinning toys.