‘Boom Boom Slurp Whoosh’ – Week beginning 21st August 2017

Published on: September 1, 2017
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Sound of the Drums…

There was an explosion of tin drumming sounds coming from the Gibbon room, when the Gibbons watched what happened when they banged and clanged tin cans with their chopstick drumsticks. Joining together to create some rhythms, the Gibbons certainly didn’t shy away from making themselves heard across the nursery. A slippery, slimy, Spaghetti Small World was a big excitement with the Gibbons as they played with the green dyed Spaghetti as ‘grass’ for their farm animals. They fed the cows and the sheep with the green spaghetti but mostly enjoyed throwing the spaghetti in the room and feeling it with their hands and tearing it apart. The Gibbons got domesticated over at the water play area with washing their toys in soapy water, splashing about and made their own vegetable soup. They dyed the water red and added real oranges, broccoli, melon skin and rice to make a healthy strange pretend soup…mmm delicious!

Slurping Smoothies…

 There’s nothing better than a refreshing delicious smoothie and the Baboons made sure theirs was the best. Cutting banana, pear and adding blueberries all to the blender, the children watched as the fruit was mixed around very fast and transformed into a purply liquid form. From desert at lunch to making their own tea, the Baboons cut peppers and mushrooms and helped the adults cut the onion and mixed it all around in the egg. They placed in a tray and put in the new oven and watched as their cooking activity raised into a yummy spelling omelette. Whilst waiting for their tea to cook, the Baboons practised speaking the different vegetables used in the recipe in Spanish. With a huff and puff, the Baboons played and rein acted the story of the three little pigs over in the Small World area. Building houses from twigs, straw and blocks the children imagined the houses being blown over by the big bad wolf and enjoyed reading the story in group time.

Superhero’s to the rescue…

Superhero’s are a common interest in the Gorilla room, and the children this week designed their own with colourful capes and distinctive masks! Each Gorilla chose their super skills that they would have as superhero and talked about what made them the best! They spoke about their favourite superheroes and how when they are older that is what they want to be! The Gorillas went from saving things to knocking down towers when they constructed a huge tower of Jenga. They counted how many blocks they could build in each tower before it fell over naturally or they destroyed for laughter. Down at the Nature Kids project, the children have been studying woodlice around the allotment. They discovered the woodlice’ s habitat was usually in dark places maybe under rocks and they went on a hunt to find the insects. The Gorillas later came back to nursery to tell the rest of their friends what they have discovered and during Group Time, the children went on the computer to research more about these interesting little creatures.

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