Trips, outings and visits

We believe in the importance of instilling a sense of community in our children and using our local area as extended learning opportunities. To this end, we regularly take children on trips outside the nursery as well as invite people in.

  • Trips – Groups go on trips monthly, more frequently in the spring/summer, to local areas such as St. Anne’s, the beach, and Hove Station to extend their learning and develop their safety awareness. On trips, all children and staff wear hi-vis tabards with Young Friends name and phone number printed on the material. All trips include a level 3 member of staff and first aider, as well as a fully stocked trip bag with first aid kit, water, emergency contacts and any necessary toileting needs such as nappies or potties. Staff are required to take one phone, complete a trip form – this includes listing who is going on the trip, mode of travel and the trip’s objective – and ensure they’ve read or carried out a risk assessment for the location. The ratio for each group is halved i.e. 2yr old 1:4 ratio goes down to 1:2

Visits – Visits in to the nursery are organized by our trip coordinator. Visits have included children and teachers from a deaf school, local mosaic artist Sue Penrose who led a session with the children, and the RNLI boat rescue service who brought in dressing up materials and carried out an activity identifying beach safety hazards. Visits into the nursery by our families is also welcome as we have a great many parents who, not only love the opportunity to see what their children get up to at nursery, but are also happy to contribute to our themed weeks and talk about their professions or share their cultures and festivals.

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