The Howlers

The Howler room is for children aged approximately 16 to 24 months. They have their own entrance situated at the front of the building that opens straight into the Howlers porch and playroom.

The room itself is a beautiful open plan space with clearly set out zones linked to the EYFS learning areas including Mark-making, Role play, Construction and Sensory. Each area is carefully and thoughtfully set up each day with age appropriate activities taken from the children’s interests and replenished throughout the day to create a warm and stimulating environment.

There are three 5 practitioners based within this room that care for a maximum of 12 children which allows our practitioners to build strong, positive relationships with every child. It is a requirement that children have naturally started only having one sleep per day in this room and the Howler Room turns into a calm sleep room after lunch for the Howlers and Baboons.

Out of the 4 practitioners in this room there are two with NVQ 3 and three who hold NVQ 2 and are working towards their NVQ level 3. So they are, like the rest of the nursery a highly qualified bunch. Their Supervisor is also one of our on floor Deputy Managers and overseeing, with her partner in crime in the Baboon room, very high practice. She has a Deputy Supervisor with Level 3 who takes the reigns when she has to do a bit of office work so all in all the Howler team is a well oiled machine who’s children have a really lovely time.

Each child has their own linen bag containing bedding for the week and any comforters/grow bags that are individual to that child. The room also has its own nappy changing station with a shield for privacy.

Howler Routine


8:00-8:30 9:00-9:45 9:45-10:00 10:15-11:00 11:00-11:10 11:10-11:50
Children arrive to Free play in Baboon room 8:30 Breakfast Welcome and Free-play(Keep children’s shoes on) Nappies-9:20 Snack time Garden/ Sleepers Good morning and self registration board Freeplay and adult led Nappies-11:30
11:50-12:00 12:00-12:30 12:30-1:00 1:00-2:00 2:00-2:50 2:50-3:00
Group time Lunch time Sleep time/ Garden(Baboons join) Garden time Nappies-1:00 and when wake Groups split back. Free play and adult led Nappies-2:30 Music and movement session. Goodbye song and sticker rewards
3:00-3:20 3:20-4:15 4:30-5:00 4:45-5:15 5:30-5:45 5:45-6:00
Afternoon Snack time Goodbye song. Join the baboons in the garden 4:30-Nappies Large toys and equipment in separate rooms Tea time Children collection time Finishing closing duties

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