Groups – Each of our groups is thoughtfully designed and resourced to provide educational and developmental stimulation, a sense of community, and a celebration of children’s home life. Rooms are vibrant with children’s art work, home photos, and nursery experiences adorning the walls.

GIBBONS – The Gibbons is our newest group catering to all of our under 2’s (6mths to 24 years) within two, modern yet homely and very carefully designed spaces. As with all groups, each area is thoughtfully set up each day with age appropriate activities taken from the children’s interests and replenished throughout the day to create a warm and stimulating environment

The spacious and open- planned White room contains a large role play area, an interactive sensory wall, a quiet book area with sofa, Reggio Emilia table, and an eating area.

The Green room consists of four sections: a relaxing sleep room connected to the main room via double doors, a carpeted exploration and investigation area dedicated to Maths and ICT play, a mark-making/creative area with a visually stimulating water-effect linoleum flooring, and a soft play conservatory with direct access to the garden.

The sleep room contains 8 cots for those little ones who have individual sleeping routines. Each child has their own linen bag containing bedding for the week and any comforters/sleep bags that are individual to that child.

Both rooms have nappy changing/self-care areas and child-level, as well as adult-level, sinks. Both rooms are naturally decorated with bespoke palette shelving for children’s self-selection of resources and engagement with natural materials.

There are 5 key practitioners based within this group – a supervisor, deputy supervisor, 1 practitioner, and two apprentices – who care for a maximum of 15 children a day with a 1:3 ratio. Our Storytelling, Book and Healthy Eating representatives are based in this room.

Baboons – The Baboon room caters to 24 to 36 month olds (depending on development they may be slightly younger or older) within two spaces.

With clearly set zones linked to the EYFS learning areas, the space is carefully and thoughtfully set up each day with age appropriate activities taken from the children’s interests. Throughout the day, the room is replenished to create an environment which is consistently well balanced between fun, nurturing, calm and educational.

Their vibrant main room includes mark-making, a cozy book area with sofa, 3 main activity tables and a Reggio Emilia table. The room is connected to the kitchen so the children enjoy the added benefit of observing our two chefs preparing their fresh, healthy meals.

The conservatory is flooded with natural light and includes small world, spacious role play, including a costume rack, maths and a small herb growing area. This space is also where the children do their quiet and group time activities. The conservatory provides direct access to the garden and fantastic view of the outdoors and all the buzz of the nursery as children play.

The room also has a full toileting area with 2 child-appropriate toilets, potties, 2 sinks and a nappy changing table as this group is often the transition point for potty training.

There are 5 key practitioners based within this group – a supervisor, three practitioners and an apprentice – who care for a maximum of 20 children a day with a 1:4 ratio. Our SENCo, who’s also the room supervisor, and EAL representatives are based in this room.

Gorillas – The Gorilla room is located on the nursery’s 1st floor and caters to our 3-5 year olds, with many of our children leaving at 4 years to go on to reception. As with all our groups, the room contains clearly designated learning areas in accordance with the EYFS and is thoughtfully replenished throughout the day. The children enjoy three well-resourced and exciting spaces throughout their day.

The main play room boasts spacious role play and group time areas, Reggio Emilia and make and do modelling tables, writing, maths, and ICT areas and a cozy book corner with bean bags and artificial aquarium. Along with their main room space, the Gorillas have access to three private toilets and two child level sinks.

Throughout the day, children have both adult and child-initiated access to the dance studio which has padded flooring, an abundance of natural light, and contains a multitude of instruments and movement resources for dedicated music and movement activities. The Gorillas also enjoy structured yoga sessions in this room. When not in use by the Gorillas, the Baboons also use this space for activities.

In the garden, as reception approaches, the school-leaving children will enjoy dedicated “lesson time” in the outside cabin which is transformed into a classroom. The cabin includes a replica of their main room group time board, two school desks, uniform dressing up bag, and a host of other school-based resources as led by our preschool teacher. In the “off” season, all groups have access to this space for quiet, focused activities.

There are 3 key practitioners based within this group – our very experienced Preschool Leader, a Level 3 qualified Senior Practitioner, another Level 3 qualified Practitioner and a long-term intern. The ratio is 1:8 and the team care for a maximum of 24 children. In this group, our Preschool Leader leads education supported by the other two practitioners and as a communicative team they ensure a smooth but flexible overall structure and organization of the room.