The Chimps

Our cheeky Chimps range from 6 months to 18 months depending individual development and have a lovely light and airy room, which is inviting as soon as you enter. There is a large carpeted area with a section dedicated to extending the children’s individual learning and easily accessible toys, designed for comfort and quiet play with cushions to relax on whilst looking at the books. The second area is visually stimulating with a turquoise watery effect floor where the children can get creative – exploring and discovering different textures and media. It also doubles as the eating area where the children sit together at a low level table for their meal times. The third and rather special area is a soft play conservatory with double garden doors leading onto their own outdoor soft play area and the rest of the garden. The conservatory is a physically stimulating and beautiful place to be with floor to ceiling windows so they can watch the garden antics at all times and provide a really pleasant place to be. They enter the area by climbing a soft play ‘sausage’ ramp and can roll about and climb to their hearts content.

The Chimps have free-flow access to the garden through their double doors from this area. The children can, with support crawl/climb the ramp up to the garden and once they have arrived into the garden they have their own developmentally appropriate equipment and toys at their own level on a section that is carpeted for their safety and comfort. Resources are set up attractively and replenished throughout each session, enabling the children to access all areas within the day at a leisurely pace. The support of their key practitioners within the room coupled with everything at the children’s level makes the Chimp room the perfect environment for them to safely play, explore and learn.

We have three nurturing practitioners based within this group who cater for a maximum of 9 children each day. Their Supervisor has NVQ Level 3, their practitioner has her Level 2 and is soon to be working towards her Level 3 and our apprentice is steaming ahead with her Level 3. All of our Chimp team absolutely adore the babies. This is evident in everything they do and all of our families consistently compliment them on their attentive nature and for the lovely activities they do with them.

This lovely sized group enables lovely strong bonds between the families and the staff and helps make the transition from home to nursery a smooth experience. Attached to the Chimp room via double (reinforced safety) glass doors is a lovely calm sleep room, where the children sleep whilst listening to gentle multi-cultural music. Each child has their own linen bag that contains bedding for the week and any comforters/grow bags that are individual to that child.


Chimp Routine


8:00-8:30 9:00-9:45 9:45-10:15 10:15-10:45 10:45-11:00 11:00-12:00
Children arrive to Free play in Baboon room 8:30 Breakfast Welcome and Free-play Snack time Garden time and nappies Singing/ Rhyme time (With Velcro board) Free-play
12:00-12:30 12:30-1:00 1:00-1:45 1:45-2:45 2:45-3:00 3:00-3:30
Lunch time (Nappies) Garden time Heuristic/ Sensory play Free play(Nappy time) Goodbye song Afternoon Snack time
3:30-4:30 4:30-5:00 5:00-5:30 5:30-5:45 5:45-6:00
Goodbye/ Free-play(nappies) Large toys and equipment in chimp room Tea time Children collection time Finishing closing duties

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