Creating a good rapport with our families is one of the most crucial things we do as parent partnerships contribute to positive outcomes for Young Friends children. Because old ones aren’t all that useful here are some recent testimonials of families’ experiences at Young Friends Nursery and Nature School..

Such a great nursery, I can’t recommend them enough. They were brilliantly supportive to my one year old throughout the settling process and really took the time to give the one to one support he (and I!) needed during the transition of me going back to work. He now adores it there and it’s testament to the energy and thought the whole staff team put into nurturing each child’s interests and personalities. As a parent I feel connected to what’s going on on a day to day basis, and our keyperson is always happy to give whatever time is needed to discuss the important things that are going on for our child. They do a great job of fostering his inquisitive nature – both through the staff’s supportive encouragement, the environment the kids have to spend time in and the approach the team take to learning. Usher Grieve. March 2019.

This is my 5th year with Young Friends Nursery, with my second child there now. They have made so many excellent changes over that time with the nature plot and reusable nappies being some great highlights! The staff are amazing and they are always thinking about how they can improve. Can’t recommend them enough! Emma King. March 2019.

Both our kids have done very well here. The staff are warm, friendly and genuinely perceptive of the children’s needs. They tailor activities to the kid’s interests and keep the rooms fresh and attractive.
When choosing the nursery one of the real clinchers was Louise’s sincere belief in getting the kids outdoors and in contact with the natural world through a huge garden, beach cleans, weekly nature plot visits, trips to the farm the parks and even Reggio inspired play indoors.
They have helped my kids grow into active, respectful and engaged children. This was even more evident when my eldest attended the nearby primary school: despite his difficulty with change he transitioned beautifully and was ready for this important next step.
We are always grateful for the support and care YF has given us and our kids. We strongly recommend them! Laura Pizzolo. March 2019.

A really great Nursery for our son. Relaxed, stimulating and full of activities. Great Stuff! Tim Sheinman. March 2019.

We chose Young Friends Nursery because of their excellent environmental values, and since our little boy has attended (for over a year now) we see they they are so much more than this. The staff are all super friendly and really take the time to get to know all the parents, you feel like a part of the family as soon as you step in the door. They care so much about the children and it shows every morning at drop off when they are excited to see all of the children. I’ve also been extremely impressed with their continued commitment to their environmental values, with constant revisions to processes in place, e.g. the introduction of reusable nappies in the past year. Great work YFN team! Emma Marie Thomas. March 2019.

We are new to Young Friends but already had a warm welcome at the nursery. We appreciate the excellent communication we had during our son’s settling sessions, that made us feel reassured he is in good hands. We hope we will enjoy our journey here within the upcoming years!Maria-Faidra Katsiantoni. March 2019.

I was the classic anxious first time mum, dreading leaving our son at nursery for the first time. I really didn’t need to worry as the staff, ethos and facilities at Young Friends has been so wonderful. Our one year old has an amazing relationship with all of the staff, he even says some of their names in his sleep! We can see him learning and growing in confidence every week thanks to the creative, stimulating activities that the team lay out. I would happily recommend Young Friends to anyone. Rachel Lyons. March 2019.

Young Friends is a wonderful nursery. Amazing staff and management. Great interior and garden. My son is there at the moment and is really happy, we joined in February of this year and instantly felt like part of the family. I can’t recommend this Nursery enough. They really do care about the children’s welfare and progression and my son (who is 3) has blossomed since he’s been there. Many thanks to all of you in the Young Friends Team. April 2018. Nikki Cashin, mother of Billy.

Having had experience with other nurseries, I can categorically say Young Friends in Hove is a cut above the rest. Nowhere else have I seen the dedication from staff to nurture each child’s individual development. From the varied trips to the unique activities, my daughter is always excited to go to nursery and wants to be involved in everything. The children are outside every day and are conscious of nature and the environment. My daughter’s speech and social skills have quickly developed whilst at Young Friends and she is very caring towards others. I know this is due to how the nursery staff encourage the children to positively express their feelings and interact with each other. This is the one nursery I have been to where all the staff from the office to the key workers absolutely delight in the children and their wellbeing. Being a single mum it’s of the upmost importance to me that the nursery plays a vital role in my daughter’s upbringing as I need their support, and Young Friends has more than exceeded my expectations. I mean every word of this  – Young Friends has been a godsend to us and Anaïs is so happy there.Thank you!

Young Friends has been my daughter’s nursery for 3 months now and I have to say I’m impressed by the warmth of the staff and the emphasis they place on outdoor time, environmental issues, being creative, using music and yoga as a shared experience and many other aspects. Marc Clayton. March 2019.

I chose Young Friends nursery as it instantly felt right when I visited it. everything they said and that I saw as I looked round fitted with what I wanted such as:
– home cooked meals (by the owner’s mum)
– lots of trips out whether it’s sports in the park, buying fruit at Taj or regular beach cleans and trips to the allotment
– a great garden
– brilliant activities as well as free play. Claire Newell. March 2019.

Our little one has a great time here. We are very happy with our choice. The nursery lives the values that many businesses talk about but don’t actually do.

Recycling is a priority and something that the children get involved in.

Reusable nappies are used whilst they are at nursery (including reusable wipes), saving as many as 600 single use nappies a week as well as wipes or nappy bags.

They are very much green by name and nature.

Outdoor space is an important factor for us and the garden is lovely and very well thought through. When our little one is bigger we look forward to him making use of their allotment and visiting st Anne’s well park.

Food is made on site (I was shocked to learn this isn’t the case in all nursery’s) and is nutrious and healthy. The kitchen is in the heart of the nursery and the children do cooking activities well beyond making muffins. The Amelia Reggio stations in each room encourage independent play and often includes nature themes. The team are friendly and caring and our little one has settled in well. I couldn’t imagine our little one anywhere else. Samantha Hayes. March 2019.

We have been with YF for almost 5 years now. Our son started when he was 13 months old. It wasn’t our first choice , but the other nursery didn’t have spaces at the time. I am so so happy it turned out that way. YF has so much to offer: nature plot, trips by mini bus, sport sessions, yoga etc. etc. Thanks to YF, my son had a great start at school last September. It was also a natural choice of nursery for my daughter. I am more than sure she will also have a great start at school when it’s her time. I highly recommend YF. Keep doing what you’re doing! Agneiszka Bernaseuk. March 2019

We are new to Young Friends Nursery and have been made to feel very welcome. We chose the nursery due to their ethics and proactiveness to have a more sustainable future for our little ones, keep up the good work! 😁 Harri Nico. March 2019.

Our baby started here in January and she is so happy there with her key worker – no tears this morning! We love the activités they do there, and the healthy home cooked food. We are proud to be part of an environmentally friendly nursery thinking of the future! Cara Neal. March 2019.

“We are new to Young Friends Nursery but instantly knew they were right for us! Fantastic staff, great Nursery environment and a wonderful large Garden..a place of love and caring. So glad we found you.” From a very happy Mummy Niki and Billy aged 2.

Happy Christmas and Happy 2018! Just to say you guys have done a wonderful job of making Christmas very special for the children … with parties, Christmas market and films… its lovely for the children many thanks 🙂 x jack has loved it. Christmas 2017

Hi there lovely lot. I’d like to reduce summers nursery days to two school short days please. I no longer need the extra childcare but she loves it with you guys and is clearly barmy about you all so I would love to keep her in for two short days a week if you still can…Lucy Yallop. Jan 2018

We can’t thank the staff enough for the excellent care they give our son. They truly do know him as an individual. The care he receives is outstanding and he really loves his days at Young Friends. I would highly recommend the nursery to anyone with young children. Nicole. Mother of Toby. Feb 2018.


It feels surreal that after 5 years and two boys later, that we will finally be saying farewell to Young Friends. You have helped so much and played a significant part in their young lives and we are very grateful for everything you have all done for them and us as a family. Thank you! Mark Edmondson, father of Finn and Wilf 2017

I cannot recommend Young Friends Nursery highly enough. Both my children have attended and I’ve never needed to consider anywhere else. As soon as you walk into the building it just feels right – homely, friendly, safe and secure. Louise is so passionate and knowledgeable about childcare and this starts at the top and filters down. Young Friends has a high retention rate of staff which speaks volumes, everyone who works there enjoys and cares about what they do, this is reflected in how brilliant they are with the kids. I feel Young Friends tackle the important things in life like good food, the environment, nature, outdoor play, instilling creative play, music, dance etc. Most importantly my kids have fun there, I am able to feel happy leaving them there knowing they are happy too. Emma – mother of Daisy and Lottie. Feb 2018

My 1yr old and 2(almost 3)yr old boys love going to Young Friends! The staff never stop smiling and are very caring, which made it easy for my boys to like them. Whenever you have any concerns, the staff take it seriously and try to assist in any way possible. My eldest just started going on trips to the allotment and to parks, and he absolutely loves it! If you have a kid who loves to be outside, then this is the place to go. Linda, mother of Felix and Max. Feb 2018.

Our son is always excited and pleased to attend this nursery. That says it all! The staff are always very friendly, welcoming and attentive to us and our child: one member of staff seems to have a genuine bond with our son. We are also always surprised by the wonderful activities he enjoys there, things we would never think of like painting with edible paints and enjoy the videos and photos on Tapestry so we feel we haven’t missed out. Highly recommended.

Our daughter only joined Young Friends from April 2017 but the second she arrived she was completely at home! The improvements we have seen during this time have been absolutely unbelievable. From eating so much more variety (previously a big issue for us at home and at her previous nursery where only packed lunches allowed) through to being able to write her own name. Young Friends have prepared her to go on to primary school confidently both from a social and learning perspective. The environment is wonderful, and our daughter absolutely loves the visits to the allotment, her weekly ‘show and tell’ slot, the garden and the rabbit. Most of all her key worker and all staff – she knows everyone’s name and they all know her name. It’s the most friendly and nurturing environment you could wish for. I find it hard to leave myself some times in the morning, as I would like to stay and hang out too! You can tell each staff team member enjoys and is passionate about their job – it shows. Andrea C. August 2017.

My daughter has been attending Young Friends since she was 11 months and now she is 4 and heading off to school. I can’t thank them enough for the care and attention she has been shown over the years. The facilities at the nursery are fantastic and the addition of the allotment and all its activities have been amazing. The staff are very caring, fun and creative. There are regular parents evenings and feedback on development through Tapestry. My daughter is completely prepared for school, knowing phonics and numbers. I also started my littlest there in May 2017 and she is getting on so well. Her key worker knows her very well and they have an excellent relationship. The activities provided for little ones are great including a lovely garden and soft play section. In summary, this is an excellent nursery with amazing facilities and staff for all age children. They are constantly making improvements and I’ve been very happy sending my children there for the last 3.5 years!