The Sustainable Approach is a term coined by Louise and Young Friends Nature Nursery to describe our unique and trailblazing way of teaching the children. We are the first nursery to completely channel our EYFS curriculum through the natural world, the science within it and the health of its atmosphere. All of our activities are focused through a sustainable curriculum. Not only are we using natural biodegradable/compostable materials and objects found in nature but everything we plan and do develops children on an individual level using the environment, embedding an ethos of respect and responsibility and environmental awareness for life. Our in the moment planning tackles all areas of development and extends each child through their interests which are then geared towards an aspect of environmental awareness e.g. biodiversity, climate change, ocean awareness, the different ecosystems etc. For example, our recycling sorting combats shape space and measures, investigative skills, communication, art and creativity and so on. Activities are all addressed thoroughly through natural and environmental age appropriate topics and the possibilities are endless and incredibly inspiring. Our team is trained in environmental concerns and each one researches and extends their knowledge daily both on their own, during staff meetings and inset days and through other communication methods. We are a passionate bunch who each find this way of teaching and learning rewarding and exciting. As a result our children are communicative, confident, developing well in all areas and have an environmental knowledge that would normally far exceed their years.