An integral part of the key person’s role is to provide a secure base from which children can explore. As children develop, the scope of their explorations expand as their self-esteem and confidence builds. Over the course of their days in the nursery, we provide ample opportunities to build their confidence and esteem so that they will have the necessary skills to thrive and feel valued and respected. These include:

  • TOILETING AND HYGIENE – Children’s toilets are located in the Baboon and Gorilla rooms and include child level sinks and toilets, hand dryers and towel dispensers, visual prompts to remind children of toileting and hygiene routines, and potties. The Baboon and Gibbon rooms both have nappy changing stations and children are encouraged, with Makaton and verbal communication, to demonstrate an awareness of nappy/toilet needs.
  • INDEPENDENCE – Children are always given the space and time to take the lead in their routines whether it’s putting on their own clothes and/or shoes or helping the team with setting up tables for snacks/lunch etc. When children arrive, they are encouraged to find or put up their own pegs and, in the preschool, two special helpers are selected for the day, responsible for wearing the behavior necklaces, ensuring that their peers are following the rules and offering help for the adults throughout the day. All groups, including babies, have a self-care station which has tissues and wipes available, mirrors, and their individual, labelled water beakers. Staff encourage children to attempt to wipe their own noses and faces throughout the day and drink water. The garden also includes a self-care station where children’s water beakers are kept along with tissues and wipes.