Regular fees

Non funded fees (figures shown are monthly and include all extras)

9am - 4pm

$0 month

  • Per day
  • 2 days per week
    £490 monthly
  • 3 days per week
    £735 monthly
  • 4 days per week
    £980 monthly
  • 5 days per week
    £1225 monthly

7:45am -4pm

$0 month

  • Per day
  • 2 days per week
    £530.83 monthly
  • 3 days per week
    £796.25 monthly
  • 4 days per week
    £1061.67 monthly
  • 5 days per week
    £1327.08 monthly

9am -6pm

$0 month

  • Per day
  • 2 days per week
    £571.67 monthly
  • 3 days per week
    £857.50 monthly
  • 4 days per week
    £1143.33 monthly
  • 5 days per week
    £1429.17 monthly

7:45am - 6pm

$0 month

  • Per day
  • 2 days per week
    £612.50 monthly
  • 3 days per week
    £918.75 monthly
  • 4 days per week
    £1225 monthly
  • 5 days per week
    £1531.25 monthly

Terms and Conditions 2021 Non-Funded Fees

  • Breakfast Option -£8 per session.
The breakfast session is included automatically for those attending a full day. This can also be booked in advance; Young Friends will attempt to facilitate any requests for ad-hoc sessions, providing there is space on the day. There will be a range of healthy breakfast options available each morning. Please do not drop your child off early or pick up late unless pre-arranged for staffing reasons.
  • Extra hours and Late fees -Extra sessions pre-booked are charged at £8 per hour or can be booked as a complete session. There is a £25 late payment fee for any invoices paid after the 8th of the month. Extra hours are booked in messages on Famly to Louise and not via the nursery team.
  • Settling in -We provide 3 settling in sessions for free. Please see our Settling Policy for details of how this works.
  • Deposit – The nursery requires a deposit of £200 for a full or part time space for non-funded and universally funded spaces. The deposit is £50 for eligible funded 2-year old’s, and 3 year old’s with extended entitlement.

This secures your required sessions. Your deposit will be returned once your child leaves the nursery and any outstanding invoices are settled. If you choose not to take the allocated space as agreed between booking and the start date, the nursery will retain the deposit.

Please note your deposit is paid into a different account than your regular fees. Our deposit account is Sort Code: 600620      Account No: 31218687

Our ongoing fee account is Young Friends Nursery Ltd Account No: 31218679     Sor Code: 600620

  • Registration fee – There is a non-refundable registration fee of £50 this will appear on your first invoice.
  • Your first invoice will be your monthly amount plus your registration fee. If starting part way through a month your sessions will be added up separately by our system. If starting at the beginning of the month your weekly sessions are multiplied by 50 and divided by 12 as per the website fees and conditions.
  • Minimum attendance -There is a minimum requirement of 2 school day sessions per week to ensure each child receives the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities and form positive relationships.
  • Notice for changing sessions – We require one month’s written notice, via Famly, that your child will be leaving or decreasing sessions. Your months’ notice for this must begin on the 1st of the month coming up. If you wish to increase sessions the nursery will attempt to provide this option as soon as sessions are available, and it must be on the 1st of a month for invoicing purposes.
  • Holidays -For periods of absence fees will still be charged regardless of the period.
Young Friends is closed for ALL statutory holidays and 2 days for staff development (during which fees still apply) There is one week over the Christmas period when the Nursery is closed. Please note, these periods are already deducted from the average yearly fee so your invoices will not change at these times.
  • NEF funding / Childcare vouchers – We accept all childcare vouchers via electronic transfer. Please ensure your payment is clearly referenced with your child’s name. We provide government funded sessions the term after your child’s 3rd birthday. Please ask the director for further details.
  • Liability -Young Friends accepts no financial responsibility.
 for any loss suffered due to the nursery being temporarily closed due to unforeseen circumstances, or the non-admittance of a child in line with Young Friends Policies and Procedures.
  • Property -The nursery is not responsible for the loss or damage to children’s property. We will always respect and make every effort to ensure property is not lost or damaged. We encourage parents to provide comfortable, inexpensive clothing and footwear to ensure maximum opportunity to enjoy ALL learning experiences. Property must be named.
  • Invoice payments -Invoices are in issued advance by
e-mail on the first of each month and must be settled by the 8th, any extras are applied in arrears. Lateness will result in a £25 fee.
  • Fees -Prior to your child’s start date the nursery requires payment of the deposit. The first invoice will be generated at the beginning of the month your child is starting and must be settled within 7 days. This invoice will include any sessions to be attended that month plus your registration fee. This must be paid by bacs by the 8th of each month. Failure to make payment will result in non-admittance to the nursery, liability for payment still applies even in the event of non-attendance. The Nursery reserves the right to terminate a place in the event of continual non-payment.
  • N.B – Young Friends reserves the right to update/amend these terms and conditions and will inform all parents of any changes.
  • Revision of fees -Fees will be reviewed/increased in April 2021 and thereafter every September. This increase was delayed due to Covid-19.
  • Deposit returns – Deposits are returned in the invoice period (1st 7 days) of the month after your child leaves, and after all invoices have been settled. This is to allow for any extras taken in the final month.

All of the above includes the following within the fees – no extras added!:

  • 5 healthy, home cooked plant based meals per day – breakfast, 2 x snacks, lunch and tea. The menu is on our website.
  • After three years – Regular visits to Kitchen Garden to grow own fruit and vegetables
  • After 3 years – Forest and Beach School courses/sessions
  • Environmentally friendly washable wipes and nappies including laundry service
  • Educational natural outings to the park, beach, shops, farms etc).
  • Yoga sessions
  • Urban Woodland Garden
  • Incredibly highly qualified and experienced staff team. We have 6 qualified teachers and three training
  • Regular social events arranged by the nursery so you can get to know all our lovely families
  • Individually tailored professional childcare advice/videos/information for our families
  • Peace of mind that your child is having a really fabulous day with intelligent people that really care

Minimum Number of Sessions: There is a minimum of 2 regular sessions (2 days either school or full) per week. This is to ensure consistency of care and that each child gains the most out of their experiences with us.

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