We consider the act of and theory behind recycling to be a vital part of forming responsible little minds. Therefore we make it a staple and constant part of our days at nursery. Each room has a recycling basket with handles and when it is full – whether it be plastic, card, paper or tins – two members of the group trundle off to our recycling area in the outside corridor. They go with a member of the team who will support them in dividing it up into the correct containers, all of which are clearly labelled so the children understand. When the containers are full the children will even accompany team members across the road to deposit in the big council containers situated there.

But this isn’t where it stops. We want the children to really understand why they are doing this and how important it is. So we have lots of children’s story books about recycling, where rubbish goes and what happens if we don’t etc. We do inspiring age appropriate activities like making own paper, making things from old containers and much more. We even bring information videos up on the computer.

As a result Young Friends children feel a responsibility towards our precious planet and its resources and hopefully will do for life.