SNAP is our innovational campaign whose mission it is to role model to and educate other settings on becoming sustainable and teaching all children to lead sustainable lives.

At nursery sustainability informs our entire curriculum through educating why and how to reduce our carbon footprint, reducing plastics and teaching about biodiversity both at the nursery and our Nature Plot.

We understand this is a lot to take on board for most settings but we do believe its everyone’s responsibility to do and teach the basics. So that is what SNAP is all about. Please take a look at our Facebook Page to find out more.

Snap is a campaign started by Louise which is just getting its feet off the ground.  This is a nursery community discussion and advice platform for all nurseries to both attain sustainability and educate children through a sustainable curriculum. It has been endorsed by the government and our local council and more. We are frequently contacted by Eco campaigners and other nursery managers and owners seeking advice, blogs etc. This initiative is valuable because it provides communication and advice to nursery settings. We are collaborating with organisations such as Surfers Against Sewage to educate nurseries and get this vital message out there. Young Friends children are experts beyond their years in biodiversity and sustainability and we strongly believe in order to make a change to the world we need to reach out and educate all Early Years children in order to instill a desire and impart the knowledge to enable them to look after their planet responsibly for future generations.