Our woodland garden is a rare find for a nursery in such an urban neighbourhood. Overflowing with wildlife attracting native plants and trees it is a sanctuary of wellbeing and inspiration. The children can play and hide and use their imaginations whilst gross motor skills are tuned through natural positive risks through different terrains, levels and plants and real jobs to do.

The children have a wormery, double composter and leaf mulcher so they can create nutrient rich soil in different ways which they use on our allotment to grow their food. Trees rich in berries and seeds feed and shelter the birds, as do the many bird houses that surround the woodland. Walls are lined with chestnut poles and wooden logs for insects to nest in and for the children to learn from.

Children use all aspects of the garden to learn, play or simply sit and take in the restful environment. In a world of screens and houses or flats with little or no outside spaces, this natural sanctuary is central to what we provide her at Young Friends Nature Nursery.