Online Learning Journals – Tapestry

‘Tapestry’ is our very easy to use interactive online method of observing our children with videos, photographs and analysis and getting them direct to our children’s families.

Each group has a tablet and at least once per month each child will be observed in detail doing an activity or in free play. When an observation is made a detailed description and either a video or photograph of the child, during the observation is added to their ‘online journal’. Parents/carers will immediately receive an email alert and can click through to the journal and see the new observation immediately. Parents are also encouraged to post replies and do their own observations at home when they have time.

Tapestry provides a multi-way interactive relationship between families and our team and mean they are always up to date with their child’s development. Our families really love this system and even better it is online so completely eco-friendly. It is so lovely to get an instant observation of your child whilst you are at work and see what they are doing right there right now.

When your child joins Young Friends you will be given a password and username by your key person and then just wait for the observations to come through. It is so much better than the old method of boring old files that you don’t have time to look at.

Your child’s journal is completely secure. However if you wish to add a grandparent or other you can talk to us and we can arrange for them to get the secure alerts too. Lovely for relations living abroad that want to know how your child is doing. You can even print off the pages at home if you want to keep them in a hard copy.

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