Benefits to the Children

Our eco friendly approach connects us all to our world around us. Our values raise awareness of issues that impact on the environment on which we all depend. We are committed to providing early years experiences to improve, sustain and benefit all living things through children’s learning and development.

Whether we bring nature into the indoor environment or make the most of being outside to learn, our eco friendly approach has many benefits for families and children.

Here are our top ten benefits to the child

1.     Imagination and enthusiasm for the emotional and physical environment is heightened. Integrating an eco friendly approach into the curriculum means hands on learning, sparking of imagination and an unlocking of creativity. Children are more enthusiastic learners and more engaged in their environment.

2.     Opportunities for experiential learning outside enables children to make connections and apply their learning in the real world. We see an ‘interconnectedness’ of social, ecological, economic, cultural, and moral issues.

3.     Critical and creative thinking skills are enhanced, we encourage research and investigation into how and why things happen. Children are encouraged to make their own decisions about complex environmental issues.

4.     We see a tolerance and understanding of different points of view and different cultures that far exceeds children’s years

5.     Children’s attention is deeper and high quality interactions with staff and each other means  that outcomes in the prime areas exceed expectations

6.     We integrate science, maths, language, the arts, history, and geography into learning experiences, providing an excellent backdrop for interdisciplinary learning.

7.     By exposing children to nature and allowing them to learn through play we foster sensitivity, appreciation, and respect for the environment.  Healthy lifestyles are encouraged.

8.     Our approach in providing an outdoor an active environment helps address some of the health issues we are seeing in children today, such as obesity, attention deficit disorders, and depression.  Good nutrition is emphasised and part of our learning. We find that stress is greatly reduced due to increased time spent in nature.

9.     We promote a sense of place and connection through community involvement. When children decide to learn more or take action to improve their environment, we discuss community roles and local facilities to help foster a community feel, we are in this all together as we understand and address environmental issues in our neighbourhood.

10.  Children are more responsible, taking action to improve  their own environment. Children make decisions and know that their actions affect the environment. We build on knowledge and develop the skills necessary to address complex environmental issues.

Families, children and staff teachers are empowered as together we build on our environmental knowledge. I hope these “top ten” benefits will give you the confidence and commitment to incorporate an eco friendly approach to your lives.