Nature kindergarten

Nature Kindergarten describes the extra ‘Young Friends Twist’ that gets added to everything we do. With the older children, this manifests in extra special nature-based learning that takes their knowledge of nature deeper.

This might be on the beach, in a forest, in our woodland garden, in the workshop, inside our setting or anywhere else. This rich natural learning makes us unique in Early Years.

Many urban nurseries will run occasional Forest or Beach schools, but very few have them as an integral part of their curriculum.

What is Nature Kindergarten?

Nature Kindergarten is for all ages, but gets significantly richer with our preschoolers.

Children love to be outdoors. Given the right attire, they are far less concerned about being outside in wet weather than we grown-ups can be. The right clothing is vital and we’ll make sure you know when they’re going to be outdoors and what clothing they need.

Nature Kindergarten give your child opportunities to connect with the outdoors, build resourcefulness, and overcome challenges. It helps high levels of self-esteem through play and exploration build around a very flexible but structured curriculum.

Nature Kindergarten

Your child will enjoy frequent play opportunities outdoors in almost all weathers throughout the year. We are lucky to be close to the beach, and to have a choice of woodland settings in our local park, or in our own, private woodland garden planted with native species.

The children thrive on activities and free play involving teamwork, resourcefulness and problem-solving. They love developing their connection with nature, and learning about everything from the smallest bug to the largest tree helps your child to develop a deeper sense of themselves, a sense of place and a meaningful connection with the natural world.

Being outdoors and learning about tide and weather patterns helps your child to develop their mental and physical confidence as well as their respect for the sea and how to be safe around it.

They will also learn about their responsibility for their environment through activities like beach cleans, and about how to take responsibility for themselves and others, as the older children help the younger ones.

Young Friends Kindergarten Nature Kindergarten