Key person system

When your child joins us, you’ll be introduced to your ‘key person’ who will be in your child’s pod and will be your main point of contact all the while your child is with us. They’ll get to know your child and your family, and you’ll get to know them.

Key person and buddy

Your child will also have a ‘buddy key person’ who will know your child equally well, and is there as an extra security blanket if your child’s key person is ever away.

The bonds your child develops in their early years are vital for their sense of security and development. Of course, their most important bond is with you, their family, but having a strong relationship with their key person at nursery is also vital to enable them to feel safe enough to flourish and to get the most from all the opportunities we offer.

When the time comes for your child to move to the older pod, they will go gradually, starting with play visits with their current key person and their future one. They will also move with a group of similar-aged children from their current pod.

The family/keyperson relationship has benefits for everyone. For you, it gives reassurance that we really know your child and are keeping a close eye on their development. You also get to know and trust your child’s key person, so you can feel comfortable enough to discuss anything about your child with them.