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We are lucky enough to have many languages within our staff team and, like different cultures and skills/interests, we ensure that they are celebrated throughout every day. In fact it is a non-negotiable (but enriching) part of their role profile. Our team talk to them in a relaxed unstructured (and therefore age appropriate) way in their languages throughout their days and the youngest group, the Gibbons, are not excluded, for they have a Turkish supervisor! The team introduce the children to the exciting concept of languages with songs, stories and simple words.  We find that this relaxed but consistent introduction to the skill of learning languages instills a thirst for learning and acceptance of diversity – a very important trait in life! It also ensures Young Friends children are one step ahead when they get to school and start learning languages in the classroom. We believe this compliments our other additional services – yoga, Nature Kids and sports perfectly.

Our brilliant EAL (English As An Additional Language) Representative, Alex (also preschool leader) oversees the language provision. She makes sure our library is stocked with dual language books and that they are used frequently by the team. She also ensures all environments are rich with images and words from different places all around the globe.