Our very own Chiara Bocchiddi plans for structured and age appropriate Italian lessons to our 2-3’s (Baboons) and Preschoolers (Gorillas). Chiara is patient, positive and superb with the children and  her passion for sharing her language with the children is infectious. She talks to them all in Italian throughout her days and the youngest group, the Gibbons, are not excluded. She introduces them with Italian songs and simple words and then when the children turn two they start doing shorter sessions and finally when 3, in the Gorillas, they start having 2 structured sessions per week. By this time they are quite familiar with phrases, sounds and common words and songs. This is such a great and fun introduction to the skill of learning languages that they will continue when they go to school and we believe this compliments our other additional services – yoga, Nature Kids and sports perfectly.

Italians lessons at Young Friends are weekly planned for baboons and Gorillas following  not only children interests but also  along the lines of the books of Hervè Tullet “Un libro”, “Colori” and “Un gioco”.  These books thanks to their beautiful semplicity allow the kids to learn italian in all learning aspects: literacy, art, mathematic, geometry and phisical moviment.  We also provide traditional stories, music and songs to encourage a deeper bond with the culture.  We include this language as much as possible in all the routines from the group time to snacks and lunch time by naming all the foods and makaton signs*.

*(I don’t know how to say that we use italian words for yes, more, finish, eat drink in italian ALWAYS with the makaton)