At Young Friends we incorporate languages and different cultures wherever we can. However an extra special extra that we provide for our preschoolers is structured and age-appropriate Italian Lessons. These are provided by our resident ever cheerful Amanda Valladares.

The children get together twice a week in our outside classroom for Spanish singing and lessons with a different theme each week. They have so much fun and they come away with certificates and stickers and much more to create a real sense of achievement. We really feel learning languages is the best thing we can do for our children and we make sure we make full use of the many languages and cultures we have within the building. We include languages in everything we do – Spanish and Italian probably being the most prominent but we also have Turkish, Polish and German and our team read stories and sing songs with the children to make other languages a natural part of every day life.

Our Spanish, Turkish, Polish and Italian speakers (so far) use their languages all the time in an everyday fashion feeding it into everything they do. Throughout their days at nursery our multicultural team issue instructions, read stories, use open ended questions, sing songs and say everyday phrases and as a result they are learning fast about languages and cultures.

Our teaching of languages is far from concentrated entirely on the preschool. All of the children have the benefit of using different languages in activities and verbal communication throughout their days.

We also encourage our families to come in and read stories and sing in different languages that they speak at home. Basically we do all we can to make sure our children love the world we live in and celebrate our differences.

Families of the nursery can see videos of Italian and Spanish lessons on our parent portal.