Healthy Cooking Sessions

Children at Young Friends not only enjoy food prepared for them, but also cook and prepare food themselves. We have a full range of cooking utensils specifically for childrenโ€™s cooking activities and allow children the opportunity to explore these fully within their cooking sessions. The children cut fruit and vegetables, break eggs, grate cheese, fry and cook food in our portable oven, and carry out a host of other techniques with the support of the team. The Healthy Eating representative updates our Healthy Recipe book with both nutritional and multicultural foods. We have banned all sugary cakes/biscuits and limit the number of baked goods the groups create as we want children to be exposed to a variety of cooking techniques other than stirring flour and making cupcakes. The food they prepare is either sent home with them at the end of the day or served as one of their meals. Our children ย vegetable really stretch their cooking repertoire and have made their own sushi, pumpkin soup for lunch, and most recently stone age bread for our History week.


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