Physical Play

As part of our emphasis on healthy living, physical play is a particularly key aspect of our provision with ample opportunities for large, gross motor movement throughout children’s days.

1, 2, 3, 4 turn around and touch those toes

One of our many unique qualities of being part of Young Friends Nursery, is our dance studio fitted with soft flooring matts, natural lights and musical instruments available to our Baboons and Gorillas. This space is specially fitted to engage the children in musical movement activities.

Our sport session instructor Nadeem synchronizes musical movements games using educational learning benefits and hand and body coordination’s. This benefits and furthers the children’s fitness and mental ability.

Nadeem has developed two sessions; one outdoor and one indoor. The indoor session in our onsite dance studio harmonises musical statues with colour and number skills.


At Young Friends Nursery, we have a huge emphasis on healthy living, so physical play is naturally a key aspect of our provision. We provide our children with ample opportunities to improve gross motor skills by encouraging daily movement-orientated activities. At Young Friends Nursery, we have a large outdoor park which the children love. Our garden is specifically designed with physical challenges in mind, so at least one hour per day is spent enjoying garden time, where the children are encouraged to run, jump, climb, lift and manage their own safety with the support of the team. In most weather conditions, the children are dressed accordingly (coats, wellies, hats, gloves, etc.) and taken into the garden to explore with the natural environment including puddles, rain, snow and ice.

All groups enjoy at least 1 hour of garden time a day, substantially more in spring/summer months. We request of all parents to bring in all-in-ones/rainsuits and wellies so that children may enjoy the outdoors in all weather conditions and engage with puddles, rain, snow, ice, etc. Our garden is specifically designed with physical challenges in mind and children are encouraged to run, jump, climb, lift and manage their own safety with the support of the team.

Nadeem’s regular structured outdoor sessions are held at St Anne’s Park, where he provides the Baboons and Gorillas with timed sport sessions including water breaks. Structured games include follow the leader where the children must partner up which develops their friendships and learning to work alongside others. The game involves the leader walking/running/jogging and changing direction while their partner follows their steps behind. Colour cone run is another favourite amongst our baboons and gorillas. The children spilt nor two coloured teams. Each team are told to run to different coloured cones as a team. This game also works well played individually where a child names and a colour is called and the child runs to that coloured cone. Additionally, in our sport sessions, we have ball games which develops the children’s hand coordination and thinking skills. Other well-known children fun games such as duck duck goose and snakes runs have proven popular with our children.


Nadeem, our qualified Young Friends Nursery sports coach, provides planned daily activities for the children which focus on developing co-ordination skills, balance, agility and overall fitness. The children even have their very own dance studio where they participate in sports classes, allowing them to explore various movements and the benefits of exercise. Sometimes these take the form of music sessions that incorporate different genres and cultures of music and sometimes physical coordination without musical accompaniment. This room sees particular focus with sports for our younger Gibbons, who do structured hand-eye coordination activities with Nadeem (or other team members but structured by him), as an introduction which is then developed in their outdoor sports sessions after they reach the age of two.  Each week the Gorillas partake in a 30-minute structured Yoga class, where they learn poses and breathing techniques. Each yoga session is a positive experience and one in which the children’s temperaments, concentration levels and calmness all see marked improvements not only for the duration of the class but also often noticeably long term.

“One of the best things about the nursery. I love the emphasis on outdoors and activity. Lyra finds it stimulating and nice to know she has been running around outdoors with her friends” – Quote from parent. December 2016

All of these fantastic extra services are provided within the fee structure of Young Friends – lucky little things!

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