Encouraging Independence and Self-Esteem

As with many aspects of our care, encouraging independence and self-esteem was noted as ‘exemplary’ (please see our latest Ofsted Report).
We put a great emphasis on building a strong sense of independence and self-esteem in our children. There are constant opportunities throughout each day for the children to gain independence and practice their life skills. Each room has a self-care station which the children access themselves. These areas are kitted with mirrors, tissues, flannels, drinking water and bins for the children to take charge of their own hygiene and health. The children are encouraged to use these stations and the staff support them to gradually develop their own self-awareness.

At meal times, the children find their seats by recognizing their personal place mats and drink labels and end their meals by wiping their own faces and hands in front of a mirror. The knowledgeable and nurturing staff offer support to each individual child depending on personal development.

We also encourage independence by supporting children in self-dressing, hand washing and toileting using child level sinks, toilets and potties. When the children enter nursery they can self-register by finding their picture and putting it on the ‘Who’s here today’ board and they even help prepare their won snack by choosing and layering their spreads.

We also place a great importance on building the self-esteem of each child in many different ways. The staff constantly praise good behaviour and special achievements throughout the day and these are further acknowledged at ‘End of day praise’ group times. Each child receives a well done for the day accompanied by a sticker and a round of applause and a star of the day is chosen for an extra special achievement. This teaches the children that hard work and good behaviour don’t go unnoticed and inspires them to try hard each day. The children are also encouraged to be proud of their home life, families and cultures with family boards in each room, cultural pictures and words all over the environments and daily show and tell sessions to share their favourite objects from outside nursery.

our newsleter