Eco Schools and our Eco-Values

Young Friends does it utmost best to be utterly ‘Eco-Friendly’ with not much substance behind it. We are a little bit different to the rest.

What we do:

We are an eco-friendly nursery that aims to sustain the planet and teach our children to do the same.

How we will reduce our carbon footprint:

We encourage our children to recycle – we have labelled recycling bins in each room for the children to use.
We have a water butt to collect rainwater and we use it to water our vegetable patch with the children.
We have a fully working vegetable patch that we fully involve the children in maintaining.We have a real passion for this as we do about healthy cooking and exercise
We use recycled paper for art work and printing
Our cleaning products are eco-friendly
We communicate with parents through our website and emails – we avoid hard copies where possible
Posters have been created
Activities to use up old stuff – junk modelling is of course the classic
Kids checking
No cheques/money
Themed weeks e.g. Eco-Week. We had visits and
Training our children. Each group has a interactive eco-poster that we use daily – well each time they leave a room.
Eco Friendly collection point. This is a brilliant idea and works fabulously. We feel it is doing a little bit for each household in reducing their waste. We are also teaching our staff a little bit along the way.
Library with eco section to teach the children…..
Policies etc.
Digital photo frames

Our green travel plan is a big part of what we do. We have ample spaces for buggies and make sure it is as comfortable an experience as possible for them even in the belting rain with rather fancy covers and bike stands. Encouraging staff and parents to use sustainable travel

We are currently on the waiting list for an allotment at The Weald……

Young Friends Nursery is in the very first throws of becoming an ‘Eco School’. ‘Eco-Schools’ is an international award program that guides schools and nurseries on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of school and nursery life.

At Young Friends we do all we can to be as eco-friendly as we possibly can. We feel very passionately that this is not only the best way to live but also the best practice to teach our nursery children. We train our staff regarding ensuring they are respectful to the environment in all that they do.

We are in the process of aiming to be labelled as an actual ‘Eco School’ and this part of the site will keep you posted on everything we do in order to achieve this.

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Throughout the nursery we teach our children about being green and we recycle and save energy in every way we can.

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