Please make sure your child has (clearly labelled):

  • Two changes of named clothes – more if your child is potty training.
  • Outdoor comfy and hardwearing shoes.
  • Wet weather gear – wellington boots, an all in one rain suit or trousers and coat. We can never be sure that it will not rain and we believe children should be able to go outside whatever the weather.
  • Hot weather clothing – a sunhat, long sleeved loose shirt if appropriate, sun cream if you do not wish your child to use the Young Friends sun cream (you have the choice of using ours and the small fee will be added to your invoice at the start of the summer).
  • We ask that all children have a raincoat and wellington boots. We can never be sure that it will not rain and we believe children should be able to go outside whatever the weather! If they are not walking yet an all in one rain suit is best so they can crawl about or sit without catching a cold and getting wet. Please provide an all in one rain suit if this is the case. However, please always send children in appropriate clothes for messy and outdoor play which they can easily manage themselves e.g. elasticated waistbands and Velcro rather than buttons and laces.  At Young Friends Nursery we want to encourage independence wherever we can.
  • If you wish your child to wear gloves and/or a scarf they must be left in your child’s coat.
  • A woolly hat.
  • Any creams that your child needs.
  • These are best brought in in large bags and must be replenished before they finish. You will be told by your key person and it will be written on the whiteboard in your room when this is about to happen. If under the rare circumstance we have to borrow nappies from the Young Friends Supply, when you bring in the next packet the exact amount borrowed will be deducted to replenish the spare supply.

It is really important that every child has all of the above.


It is the nursery’s responsibility to:

  • Role model good all weather health practices by ensuring the staff wear appropriate clothing e.g. when a child is being told they must wear a coat or gloves, the staff member is wearing them too, or when they are told to wear a sunhat in the hot weather, our staff are wearing them too.
  • Ensure nappies are changed at 10.30, 2.30 and once between 4 and 5 and are checked every 2 hours.
  • Ensure that all children are dresses warmly and appropriately for the weather each time they go out.
  • When a child gets wet or cold or very dirty they are changed into something dry and clean when they come in.
  • Change a child’s nappy as soon as they are noticed to be wet.


It is the parents/carers responsibility to:

  • Ensure your child arrives with a clean nappy at the start of their session
  • Ensure your child has all the above named items when they start nursery and continue to have throughout their time with us
  • Ensure your children are dressed in appropriate clothing for the weather that day
  • Ensure all special requirements are put in writing to management with regards to nappies and creams etc.
  • Ensure that your children are dressed in clothing that you do not mind getting dirty and sometimes stained (paint will always be difficult to avoid altogether and even the most child friendly brands can still stain clothes)
  • Ensure you take home dirty and wet clothes to wash immediately (always check on your child’s peg for these)
  • Ensure your child has sufficient named spare items of clothing every time they come in
  • Ensure you wash and bring back any clothes that you may have borrowed from the nursery’s spare supply if we have used any for your child