We understand the start of nursery can be full of emotions for children and parents/carers alike. As such, our settling routine for new children ensures that the team know as much as possible about your little one before starting and that your child will have ample opportunity to be eased into our nursery.

  • Minimum sessions – We state a minimum of two sessions/days for children, regardless of age. This allows them opportunity to feel a part of the nursery and gives them more time to bond with their key carers, build relationships with other children, and enjoy all the experiences we offer here at Young Friends. We also do not do half-days as, again, it can prolong the settling period and children do not have much time to fully engage in the environment and build relationships. It has always been our experience that children’s well-being and involvement is much greater when they spend at least two days with us.
  • WEEK-LONG SETTLING – Settling sessions are over the course of five days, consecutive if possible, with four one-hour sessions and a half-day session. Upon arrival, parents spend an hour with their child’s keyperson, talking about both the room/nursery routine and their child’s individual needs. For the subsequent one-hour sessions, parents fill out paperwork in our loft staffroom while the team give them updates on how their child is doing in the room.
  • Keyperson system – As part of EYFS welfare requirements, all children within a setting must have a keyperson. The keyperson’s role is to build relationships with a particular child and his/her family while also ensuring that all their learning and development is effectively monitored and progressing. At Young Friends, all key people have a buddy to provide an additional contact for families, ensure observations are completed, and children have a bond with more than one person, should their main carer be away.