About Us

Young Friends Nursery in Hove is an especially high quality daycare nursery provision based on Holland Road, just 10 mins from Brighton Town Centre and 5 mins from the beach. Established in 2009 as a small scale provision, the nursery has grown from strength to strength with several Nursery World awards and honorable mentions, and our latest outstanding Ofsted inspection in 2013. Our now bustling nursery has attracted attention and gained a reputation for its uniquely holistic approach to caring, commitment to strong, fundamental values, and dedication to providing a solid foundation of learning for future generations.

The nursery is located on domestic premises and has been thoughtfully designed and resourced to provide children enriching learning experiences covering all their needs, from real world sourced homecorner role play areas and creative Reggio Emilia inspired provocation tables, to self-care stations complete with mirrors and flannels. With three groups split over two floors and four main rooms, the children also enjoy our two bright conservatories, an outdoor classroom, soft play area, a dedicated maths patch in our spacious garden, and freeplay with our nursery rabbits in their ample-spaced rabbit run. The nursery now also boasts a 125 by 30 foot offsite allotment at The Weald. Our lucky children spend one or two full days per month to our Nature Project which has an outdoor classroom, flower and herb gardens, bug hotel, mud kitchen and play area, eating area fruit tree plot, wild flower garden many vegetable beds and much more. Driven up in our own minibus Young Friends children get down and dirty and learn about all things to do with nature and our native environment. They balance their time up there between outdoor forest school-type activities with play and looking after the plot with our real children’s gardening tools.

Another one of our special features are our structured sports sessions, which the children love and which are carried out by our qualified sports coach Nadeem.  He provides regular structured sports sessions for our children which will certainly stand them in good stead for sports days when they get to school. They do these either in our dance studio, garden or the local park and have lots of real sports equipment to carry out their energetic individual and team-orientated activities.

The Young Friends vibe is fun and family oriented with an emphasis on providing the best, individualized care of each child in attendance. To that end, we ensure that our team is staffed with only the most dedicated of individuals who have a passion for childcare and education, and a desire to always strive for excellence in their practice. Ofsted referred to numerous areas of our nursery childcare as exemplary including leadership of the nursery and team and staff interaction and consistency of care with children. We also seek to build excellent partnerships with our families who are all of our children’s first teachers and educators.  As such, we go to great lengths to maximize communication between our families and ensure their children are able to achieve the best possible outcomes. “Staff build excellent relationships with parents and provide them with a wealth of information to support consistent care and education for children’ (Ofsted Inspection Report 2013).”

In keeping with EYFS and British Fundamental Value principles, we champion individuality, tolerance and respect, decision making, and understanding that rules matter. Our ethos incorporates these principles as we teach and support children from 0-5yrs  in making healthy lifestyle choices such as exercising and eating healthy food, having an awareness of the environment and making choices that benefit it such as recycling and growing our own produce, understanding the value of people’s differences and respecting individuality in all its forms, and knowing that rules are created to keep us safe, demonstrate tolerance, and feel valued.  Our aim is to promote high levels of esteem and confidence in our children so that they feel secure enough and keen to explore and inquire about the world around them. “Children gain exemplary skills in independent self-care and critical and creative thinking, which prepares them well for their next stage in learning (Ofsted Report 2013).”

We’ve created this website, not only to give you some insight into our nursery, but also to inform you of some of the foundations of what we do with regard to childcare. Please have a look around and get in touch for a viewing: 01273 735100 or enquiries@youngfriends.co.uk

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