Around The World and National Earth Day

Published on: May 10, 2018
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We hope you all had a lovely Easter and feasted on chocolate until you burst. This month has included, as usual, energetic sports sessions, relaxing yoga sessions, many trips out, trips to the library and allotment.

We started off with ‘Around The World Week’ – which was a resounding success as it always is. The children ‘went’ to so many counties and learnt about a wonderfully diverse range of customs from different countries and cultures. Your children experienced Spain, Canada, Japan, Australia, Italy, Poland, Greece, Bengal, France, and Turkey, …We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all the parents who came in and helped the children to learn something new about the world.  Of course, we made full use of the range of cultures of the staff here at nursery and are delighted to say that they all stepped up to the plate.  We love being able to enhance the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding and knowing that we can tap into all available human resources means that we can offer the children fantastic learning experiences.

Up at The Weald (allotment), the flowers are blooming and the veg is growing.  The children have been kept very busy taking care of it all with the team and headed up by Jennifer. Here at nursery, they have been planting veg seeds to grow-on indoors to eventually take to the allotment for planting out. The crumble they had for pudding recently was made using rhubarb grown at the allotment – food miles? – about half a mile! Among lots of other al fresco activities, they went on an exciting colour hunt identifying native flowers and plants of assorted colours.

We also celebrated National Earth Day by each room making impressive sea creatures using very unusual materials found on our beach cleans to highlight the need to keep our lovely planet, well, lovely. The Gibbons made a fabulous sea turtle, the Baboons made a gorgeous starfish and the Gorillas made an rather impressive octopus.  They will soon be hung up for you all to see. Well done all.

We also paid a considerable nod to our patron saint St George whose day it was on 23rd April with activities, stories and talk of fire breathing dragons!

We have also been taking our regular trip down to the beach to give it a bit of a clean-up.  The children are learning about how to categorise the diverse types of rubbish they find.

In addition to all the usual activities, the Gibbon children have been:

  • Changing and bathing babies (not real ones!) and doing everything a baby needs done to them including dressing them feeding them real porridge and milk
  • Elastic band painting
  • Making their sea creature sculpture
  • Trying Turkish borek
  • Trying Italian bruchetta
  • Playing in a Japanese zen garden
  • Playing with under the sea creatures, coral and seaweed

The Baboons have been busy too:

  • Reading the book The Stick Man by Julia Donaldson
  • Making stick men
  • Listening to the George and the Dragon story
  • Making shields
  • Making a handprint world
  • Eating jam and toast at Shoreham Airport

Phew! More to come next month…

The Gorillas this month the children have been:

  • Sharing books about good behaviour
  • Getting all scientific by experimenting and predicting with vinegar and baking soda – try it at home!
  • Learning Italian
  • Climbing on an obstacle course
  • Learning the Golden Rules
  • Singing and playing instruments
  • Phonics
  • Copying different writing in languages
  • Egg puzzle number matching
  • Cutting cubes of jelly with scissors
  • Measuring with tapes and rulers
  • Talking about what Spring changes can be seen in the environment
  • Talking about how we take care of ourselves in hot weather

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