Outdoor Chronicles 1st April 2021


Beach School
The Badgers went on their final Beach School session this week. The winds had delivered a lot of interesting things to the shoreline. The children found mussel shells along with a huge piece of driftwood which was the perfect chopping board for some sawing! The children made pictures with their finds which involved a l;ovely discussion about the shape of the shells used. Leonora and some of the children noticed a ball among the pebbles – it was a toy spaceman! It did not belong on the beach at all but it was an interesting topic of conversation. The team played the Beach memory game with different items including the toy but then they decided it belonged in the dustbin. As the spaceman had set the theme, Leonora introduced a game of ‘To the Moon’ which was a chance to count and chant and let the parachute go off into space.Β  What a wonderful session at the Beach. Well done Badgers.

Forest School
For the final Forest School session, Kitty, our little mascot left a message to say that there was something left for the children to look for. When the Hedgehogs realised it was Easter this weekend, they knew it could only be one thing – an Easter Egg hunt! But where could they be hidden? The team went off to search among the trees. Low and behold, they found them! When they gathered together, they noticed that they were in pairs with matching patterns. After a lovely discussion about the colours, lines and patterns (and dreaming of real Easter eggs too) they ran off to find the missing eggs. The best part about this Easter hunt, as B pointed out, was that these eggs were unbreakable! It’s true – it was the perfect Easter Egg hunt for the Hedgehog team. Then of course, it was time to challengeΒ the children with the Egg and Spoon race. They practiced their balancing and ran all the while trying not to drop the eggs.
To end the session the Hedgehogs played a fun game of ‘1,2,3, Find a tree’, a great game of running and tree hugging. Great work Hedgehogs.

Kitchen Garden

This week at the plot the children have been tending to their sweet peas. Come on, grow! They are learning to be very patient and find out exactly what they need. They went on some nature walks to look at all the beautiful Spring flowers that are starting to bloom all over The Weald. We have been planting a flower garden and the children have been learning about the flowers that will go in it. They have been adding soil to our growing potatoes and sowing tomatoe seeds, herbs, and lots more. We have been starting to clear the pond area as it has started to grow lots of weeds and we decided it needed a good old tidy up. Fingers crossed for frogs this year! The children got some new spades so they did some digging over – we can’t wait to transport our seedlings to the big beds how exciting!


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